10 Signs It’s Time to Get Married?


“It’s time you got married,” “When will you get married?” – you can hear it from others at any stage of a relationship: after years of living together, and after the third date, as well. Is it really time? We know 10 signs it is time you thought about the wedding.


1. You are more likely to say “we” instead of “I”

You catch yourself thinking that you want to be together with your man not for a month, but for a year, two, or even a lifetime. You are more optimistic thinking about the future, making long-term plans and thinking of it in “we-terms”. Yes, friends think you’re boring: on a Friday night, you enjoy baking cakes for the beloved, not dancing in the club after a couple of Mojitos. So, it is time to get married!

2. Almost all of your friends are married or getting ready for wedding

You already know all wedding scenarios, you can determine where the bride’s bouquet will fall, and if the toastmaster suddenly forgets the words, you will be able to prompt. And how could it be otherwise? Most of your friends are already married and now you know how much it costs to hire a video operator or what hotels have maximum discounts for newlyweds. Do you think that all this information has been deposited in your brain accidentally? No! Maybe you do not admit openly that you want to get married, but subconsciously you have long been trying on the role of a bride.

3. He knows everything about you. Well, almost everything

You share all the emotions and feelings with him, and he, in turn, listens intently. Therefore, he knows that you are allergic to peanuts, that you think Jude Law is awesome, and that Anna Flowers in your phone is a friend from yoga classes in colorful Hawaiian breeches.

4. You are constantly in touch

Messages in social networks, ICQ, SMS and endless phone calls – you ask advice from your man on any occasion ranging from global existential problems to the purchase of a detergent. It might not indicate directly that you want to get married with this man, but it shows you appreciate his opinion.

5. You often communicate with his parents

Spending a day off to help his elderly parents or consulting with his mother about the correct pork recipe is no longer a problem for you. Maybe because you have already realized that getting closer to the partner’s relatives not only helps to strengthen relationships within the couple, but also to understand your man’s psychology better. Besides, if he let you get closer to his family, he probably does not mind you to become part of it.

6. Your sex has become stable

You’ve tried a lot in bed with your man and have already learned almost all each other’s habits. So he knows that you do not want intimacy after a quarrel with the mother, and you know his erogenous zones as well as weaknesses. Stable sex, according to psychologists, is an important indicator of compatibility: discomfort, embarrassment, and tension in sex can destroy any relationship.

7. You trust him

He came home late in the evening – he has a lot of work to do. A woman calls him on the phone – it is a classmate. These and other explanations do not cause doubt or even a shadow of jealousy. Why? Because you believe your partner 100%, and that, psychologists say, is the foundation of a happy family life.

8. You have had a vacation together

You have had a rest together at a resort, sanatorium, a recreation center, or at least in the country. None of these trips were marred by scandals and hysterics: you understand each other, know how to appreciate personal space and the partner’s desires. Without these nuances, a happy family will not work. If you already have it all, maybe it’s time to get married?

9. You do each other’s errands

Visiting grandparents, watering flowerbeds in his (her) garden, taking care of an apartment, buying a sweater for his father, executing documents – all this is done easily, without strain.

10. You live together

It does not matter for how long – a week in the absence of his parents or a year in a rented apartment – it is important that you know how to work together to solve the problems of everyday life. People perceive you as a couple – two people who love each other.