Weirdest Beauty Trends Ever


In the world of beauty and fashion, trends come and go. A few seasons ago, tattoos, multi-color hair and luxurious nail design were at the peak of popularity. New trends are becoming popular when introduced by celebrities. Everything that appears on the pages of Cosmo or Elle will definitely become a trend. Let us have a look at the trends that will soon fill magazine covers, TV screens and streets.



beauty-trends-1If your hair is naturally curly, it will be enough just to wash it, spread out a T-shirt on the bed or table, and wrap it around your head, tying the sleeves for reliability. When the hair is dry, you will get beautiful and elastic curls.

If your hair is straight, you will have to use styling products before wrapping a T-shirt around your head.

Clown contouring

beauty-trends-2Those who do not know what contouring is should only hear the two words: Kim Kardashian. No kidding, any photo of the planet’s biggest celebrity can illustrate letter “k” in the alphabet. It is she who introduced contouring with her famous selfie.

Clown countering is a more spectacular version that uses bright pink and red colors. It is also based on the long-known principles of color correction. It partly resembles usual contouring: the areas under the cheekbones, the nose wings and face oval are darkened, while the forehead, the bridge of the nose and the upper jaw are lightened. Purple and orange colors are used to correct certain skin areas, different in color from the general tone.


beauty-trends-3Baking is a new method of applying concealer on the skin, which allows hiding dark circles under the eyes and making dull skin radiant again. The essence of baking is that you leave a concealer on the skin for 5-10 minutes, no smearing and blending. During this time it warms up, and, so to speak, “bakes”. As a result, the tone applies as smooth as possible, without getting into small folds and wrinkles, and the skin looks fresh and natural.

Duck Feet Nails

beauty-trends-4Duck feet nails are back. We haven’t forgotten stiletto nails yet when they have been replaced by “DuckTales”. “Duckfeet” , or flared nails, is a nightmare of any nail artist. This term is used to denote what must not be done in any case: expanding the edge of the nail, making it trapezoid-shaped.


beauty-trends-5This is an attempt to combine glamor and grunge. Rita Ora and Khloé Kardashian succeed in promoting this style. While there is no academic definition of the “new” style, there is a version that glunge is marginal chic, multiplied by good quality. It is grunge plus bourgeois. In fact, the podium images created by grunge fans are already glamorous. To be honest, the ideology of grunge presupposes that the clothes should not be expensive. According to another version, glunge is a mixture of styles. For example, a black leather jacket and a floral print skirt, a shining ripped dress in the spirit of grunge.

Bleached eyebrows

beauty-trends-6While the majority of women are struggling to paint their eyebrows, make them darker and brighter, there appeared a new trend. Katy Perry and Lady Gaga decided to lighten their eyebrows.