Tom Ford Beauty Spring 2014 Makeup


The focus of the new luxurious makeup collection is on light and naturalness. Tom Ford Beauty Spring 2014 line will be released in March, 2014. The collection includes 8 new shades for lips and 4 nail polishes.


Lip Color Conditioner. These are the new products for the lips, with a translucent formula. Each stick includes multiple moisturizing components, such as vitamin C, shea butter, and other natural oils. Eight shades that create the effect of natural lips for women with different skin tones include:

  • Bitter Sweet,
  • Firecracker,
  • In the Buff,
  • Incorrigible,
  • Paradisco,
  • Pink Dune,
  • Summer Fling,
  • Sweet Spot

tomford_2 tomford_3

Nail polish comes in 4 luxurious shades with a subtle shimmer:

  • Coral Beach,
  • Incandescent,
  • Indiscretion,
  • Sugar Dune.

tomford_5 tomford_4