Surprising Causes of Pimples & Adult Acne


A small pimple on the face that appeared before an important event in life can ruin the mood for the whole day. But what if there are ten times more of such unpleasant “surprises”? In this case, you must definitely look for the cause of inflammation. What triggers the appearance of acne? You will be surprised!

Excessive hygiene

One of the main myths about acne, which must be busted, is: “The more often you wash and cleanse your face, the healthier it will look.” The fact is that the skin is a) self-regulating and b) the largest organ of the human body! Uncontrolled interference in its coordinated work gives us many problems. The abuse of hygiene sometimes leads to the fact that the immune, protective function of the skin is reduced. By the way, in the gallery you can read about how the stars smell.

Remember the important fact: sebum serves as a natural antiseptic of the skin and does not only moisturize it. Various inflammations appear due to the absence of sebum rather than due to its excess. When we cleanse our face and wash it with the help of various gels and soaps, we can trigger the reproduction of bacteria and further inflammation.

Do not resort to peelings very often. Yes, they help fight acne, but the abuse of this procedure reduces the protective functions of the skin.

Wrong food

Sebum can provoke acne, and nutrition mainly affects its quality. Some 10-15 years ago, this relationship was not identified, but modern studies prove that the severity of acne is primarily affected by the abuse of high-carb foods, the so-called fast carbohydrates, and sweets. In some patients, acne can be exacerbated by the use of dairy products, primarily whole milk and not fermented milk. If you suffer from acne, pay attention to your diet. Fast food, packaged juices, and alcohol abuse inevitably exacerbate acne.

Abuse of decorative cosmetics

Another myth is that the skin needs to be protected and covered with special protective creams. Some women sincerely believe that decorative cosmetics is a natural protection for the skin, saving it from dust and dirt. This is not true! The skin has the natural ability to adapt to various conditions, primarily due to sebum. If you actively wash it off and replace it with various tone agents, this will inevitably change the composition of sebum, which can subsequently lead to inflammation.

Hormones, parasites, and stress

Sometimes acne provokes various conditions and diseases of the body – more indirectly than directly. For example, hyperandrogenism, that is, hormonal imbalance can occur. In this situation, the composition of sebum may change, as well as the sensitivity of the skin to sebum, which stimulates the appearance of inflammation. A similar effect can cause acute stress, since it affects the hormonal background.

In addition, acne can occur in people with chronic tonsillitis. It is not the disease that affects the appearance of acne, but the fact that this infectious disease requires regular use of antibiotics. If chronic tonsillitis worsens 2–4 times a year, a person is forced to drink the prescribed course of treatment each time.

One of the mechanisms of acne is bacterial seeding, that is, active reproduction of opportunistic bacteria on the skin. With regular use of antibiotics, they become more aggressive, and the course of acne is getting more serious.

In extremely rare situations, inflammatory processes can worsen due to parasites and worms. They have an indirect effect again and are caused by intoxication of the body with a serious and significant case of helminthiases (diseases of an infectious nature caused by the infection of organs with parasitic worms).

Untreated teeth

Acne on the face can be associated with dental problems, with multiple cavities, gum disease and other infectious diseases because a focal infection can affect local immunity. In addition, patients with severe caries usually have problems with nutrition and abuse of fast carbohydrates and sugar-containing products. This produces an adverse effect on the skin of the face.

Excessive exercising in the gym

Abuse of sports in women can also be associated with the appearance of inflammatory processes on the face. Frequent and regular visits to the gym when you are working with large weights and increase the muscle mass, lead to hormonal disorders, which causes an exacerbation of acne.

How to identify the cause of acne? First of all, it is necessary to analyze when you have rashes: what makeup you changed, if there was a stressful situation, whether it happened on vacation or after it, whether you changed your place of residence. This will be an additional hint to the doctor, who will try to solve your problem with the skin. Of course, one cannot do here without tests and additional medical examination.