Many Lipsticks Are Hazardous


After the long period of inactivity, FDA has finally tested lipsticks on the market for lead levels. The need for these tests has long been urged for by different social organizations, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (CSC) in particular. It was this organization that found lead in 61% of 33 tested lipsticks in 2007, although lead was nowhere mentioned as the ingredient in those lipsticks.


FDA has published the report saying lead levels in lipsticks were four times higher than reported in a 2007 CSC study. However, FDA is not going to reveal the brand names that make unhealthy cosmetics, although the report said that three brands had especially high lead levels in their lipsticks. Also, FDA currently has no standards for the amount of lead allowed in lipsticks, making it difficult to control the manufacturing and selling of toxic cosmetics.

Despite some cosmetics manufacturers claiming that no lipstick can be made without lead, lead-free products are already appearing on the market. Some brands even offer swapping unhealthy lipsticks for new ones, without lead in them.

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