Essence Be Loud Makeup Collection


Does modesty make a girl more attractive? On the contrary! We encourage all women to be bright, be free, and be themselves with the help of the Essence fashion collection with a telling name – Be Loud – that is to be released in September 2013.


Each set of eye shadow gives you a different effect: from warm and soft to the extravagant metallic luster.

Eyeshadow Shades:

  • 01 riot grrr-een,
  • 02 like a stone in the wall
  • 03 rock the block


A super-practical waterproof brownish-gray contour can be used instead of the eye shadows, or to line the contour of the eyelids.

Rebel girls cannot do without lipstick and a lip pencil!


Many colors – lots of styles! And these creamy blush has a soft texture, consisting of three shades at once. The blush is available in two schemes: apricot-orange and pink. And thanks to the military style design, this set of blush will not go unnoticed.

Rouge Shades:

  • 01 ap-ri (c) ot
  • 02 pink me

The resistant nail polish lasts a long time and looks extremely convincing – you cannot fail to notice the wild shades of khaki!


Nail Lacquer Shades:

  • 01 riot @ ♥,
  • 02 orange is the new black,
  • 03 riot grrr-een
  • 04 like a stone in the wall.

Graffiti is an art! Create graffiti style on nails, like a fashion designer. The Essence top coat is a unique combination of multi-colored sparkling sequins in all shapes and sizes! Expert advice: this innovative coating looks great on top of a nail polish of a lighter shade.


And this universal collection includes a set of stencils to create a unique military style.