Butter London Makeup Collection


Butter London, which is known as a nail polish and manicure products manufacturer, has recently announced the release of a makeup collection. It will introduce makeup products for fall. The new items will be available in August.


Butter London is one of the leaders in the UK cosmetics market, although the brand appeared not long ago – in 2005.


So, it was extremely interesting what the iconic makeup brand would offer. Expectations were not disappointed. The new items are markedly different from anything currently available on the market. Most likely, real success awaits the brand. The motto of the manicure products is “color without compromise”. Butter London adheres to the same principles in the creation of the new makeup products.



The makeup products are colorful and vibrant – a kaleidoscope of colors and textures. The colors are bright, unexpected, and uncompromising. At the same time, the brand continues its research in safety and ecological friendliness. The new products do not contain phthalates and parabens, they are highly pigmented and safe.