Working Too Much: When to Stop?


There is no boss, whose heart would not leap joyfully when seeing a subordinate, who “spends nights at work.” But one should not be mislead by the sweet promises of being rewarded: be prepared for the fact that much of this extra money will be spent on restoring the weakened health.

Workaholism: How Much Is Too Much for Your Health?

Most of us are quite sure that money cannot be too much and spend free time working late hours rather than going on vacation. Of course, there can be various circumstances in life. But we are to pay for an increase to our budget.

Workaholic Statistics

  • Working 60 hours per week makes the risk of injuries and disorders, both at work and at home, twice bigger.
  • The probability of getting chronic stress in addition to your extra money is increased by 70% if you work all year without a vacation.
  • 2% of suicides are provoked by the so-called syndrome of not having a vacation.
  • 80% of labor disputes in court are caused… by that very extra money that the employee failed to get despite loading himself with extra work.

Depression, stress, increasedanxiety – are the least threatening things that those, who sit up at work or take extra work home, can experience. You can also add emotional alienation and emptiness. An always working and busy mom is probably not a good mother. And not a very good wife. Excessive zeal can do serious harm to physical health: increased fatigue will inevitably worsen the immunity and aggravate the situation with cardiac activity and blood pressure.

Do You Really Need to Work That Hard?

As a rule, the desire to earn more is dictated by our needs, and it is the root of all problems. We will always want more and better. Few of us remember that the best is the enemy of the good. From all sides we are being bombarded by advertisements that are directed to the most primitive human instincts on the subconscious level. Buy an iPhone, and you will become tough. Take a bank loan for a new car, and all the blondes in the neighborhood will be yours. And so on and so forth. The fact that a person strives for a higher material position is not bad, actually. But! It is worth remembering that our needs can only be compared with a bottomless bag. And our abilities – both physical and intellectual – are not all the same. Besides, they are always limited.

The best advice here is to follow a simple and universal mathematical formula – “necessary and sufficient.” If you learn how to use this principle, life will get new colors. No money is worth poor health, stress, and depression.

8 Security Rules

However, what if part-time work is really necessary?

  1. If you do not have a moment to breathe barely making ends meet, you should think of improving your skills or changing your job.
  2. Do not overwork, even if you have an extra job. A 48-hour workweek is considered the safest. All above this will become a direct threat to your health – both mental and physical.
  3. You should feel satisfied with the reward for your extra work. This is a prerequisite and needs to be taken seriously
  4. Consider your biorhythms and plan your workload depending on whether you are an “early bird” or a “night owl.”
  5. Try to turn your hobby into an additional source of income. Then work will be fun. Your soul will rejoice, and everything will go well. Decide what you like most of all and get down to work!
  6. Be sure to get enough sleep.
  7. If your work has deadlines, never put it off until the last moment.
  8. Remember that you can’t have all the money. Life consists of simple pleasures that are available to everyone. And all the best things about it are free of charge.