Women Suffer from Job Stress More Than Men


Women experience more stress at work and feel more exhausted than men do. Israeli scientists from Tel Aviv University and the University of Haifa reached such a conclusion.

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Israeli scientists studied men’s and women’s work and obtained very disappointing results for women. It turned out that women were inferior to men in all respects. Women usually earn less, but get more tired, experience more severe stress and exhaustion, as well as consider their work less interesting. Finally, women are much more worried by the threat of losing their job than men are.
Moreover, women earn less than men, even with an equal level of education, skills, and experience. Initially, scientists believed that the difference in salaries was compensated by a greater satisfaction from work, but in fact, it turned all the way around – men get more money and more satisfaction.
The study involved 9,000 women and 8,500 men from 27 countries. All of them answered certain questions to determine the attractiveness of their job on a number of characteristics: wage, flexible hours and independence, autonomy, training, physical exercise, mental stress, the fear of losing their jobs, the level of stress and exhaustion, career prospects.

The only criterion in which women benefited at work was physical exercise. Women, fortunately did not often had to lift heavy objects, pole and load cement – men still do these things nowadays.