Tips to Stop Being Afraid of Your Boss


You are a sociable person, the heart of the company; you easily come in contact with other people and never feel fear before the conversation, but as soon as you cross the threshold of the office you work in, the things change.

scream, conflict, argue

Why? The reason for the transformation of a completely successful woman into a trembling office lamb can be only one: she is afraid of the boss. will dwell upon the reasons for your fear of the boss and will tell you how to overcome panic.

Where does the fear come from?

Fear, like any other phenomenon, always has reasons; as soon as you understand them, you will be able to get rid of this oppressive feeling.

Low self-esteem and self-doubt

Low self-esteem is the main reason why you are afraid of your boss. In case of the lack of self-confidence, every “nuance” at work seems a tragedy of cosmic proportions to you, and you think it will necessarily lead to your being fired. And then your imagination immediately begins to paint grim pictures of unemployment, lack of money, etc.

It is obvious that the situation does not contribute to the growth of self-confidence, but it perfectly nourishes your fear of the boss.

The fear of disapproval or the fear of a perfectionist

Perfectionists are the people who seek to be the first – always and everywhere. Someone else’s praise is very important for them, and criticism is perceived as something quite painful. Their own shortcomings are accepted with great difficulty, and if their “mistakes” are noticed by the superiors, they lose heart in the face of this tragedy. Very often these people are afraid of their inconsistency in a particular issue rather than of the boss. As a rule, it can only be pointed out by someone who stands higher on the career ladder.

Psychological pressure

There are bosses who constantly keep their subordinates under pressure. This behavior can be caused by a report submitted later than its due date, or a cup of tea drunk during the working hours. But here we are talking about the features of the boss’ personality that you cannot change.

How not to be afraid of the boss in this case? Change your attitude towards the situation: for example, when the boss scolds you for no reason again, do not tremble; instead, imagine him to be a clown whose behavior amuses the audience in the hall and laugh at him quietly.

Freshman fear

Such fear is something a new employee always has; it arises from not knowing about how the boss reacts to a particular work situation.

It’s simple: ask the colleagues who have been working in the company for a long time, whether you should be afraid of your new boss, and they will tell you his background.

A boss is also a human

The realization of the fact that the boss is a human like you should help you to overcome your fear.

Try to understand that he was appointed to be a leader not because he was an extraterrestrial deity, but because he has more experience, or he just managed to find the right approach to senior management. And, most likely, he behaves in such a way because in his opinion this is the way all bosses behave.

He/she is an ordinary human who once used to be afraid of the boss just like you. Therefore, during the communication with him, imagine that you are talking with a colleague, it will give you confidence, and eventually the fear will disappear.

You should not be afraid of the boss because he/she has bosses too. Your boss is an employee just like you. Why should you be afraid of him?

I am afraid of the boss: what to do?

To stop quivering every time you see your boss, offers a few useful tips.

Work to improve your own self-esteem. Psychology books will help you.
Try hard to improve your professional skills. Do your work at the proper level, and soon you will notice you will cease being afraid of the boss.
Display independence. No matter how difficult it is not to have tremor in your knees, always look confident in front of the boss. Seeing your confident and independent face the boss will treat you as such a person and will talk to you on equal terms. Over time, you will not pretend being confident – you will actually be confident; you will feel and radiate confidence; you will forget about your fear.
Act with dignity, not to try to become the boss’ favorite employee.
Find the strength to argue convincingly with the boss when you think he/she is wrong. It takes considerable willpower, but you will soon cease to be afraid of the boss.
Do not treat all the attacks from the authorities as addressed to you personally. Such attacks are often dictated not by their bad attitude to your personality, but by the internal problems they have.
Be sure to demonstrate the quality of your accomplished work; do not keep silent about your role in the performance of a particular task. It will be nice if you are praised in front of the boss.
Write a letter to the boss that will show what you think of him /her. Psychologists say that this technique is quite effective in dealing with this kind of fear. Of course, you do not need to send this letter.
Various breathing and meditative techniques are used to control your own condition. Having mastered these special breathing and meditation techniques, you will be less afraid, and eventually the boss will stop making you feel fear.
Sleep well. Fears are largely evident in the people who have little or bad sleep.

For whatever reason you are afraid of your boss, you need to learn to deal with this fear, otherwise it can turn into a phobia over time and will ruin your life. You may even need to change your job or go to a psychologist.

The main thing is not to drive yourself into a corner and always look for a way out of the situation.