Smokers Have an Extra Free Week Annually


Smokers can boast not only ill-health and yellow teeth, but also the fact that they receive an additional free week from their superiors each year. And the bosses themselves do not even know about it.

No Smoking

The British company Voucher Codes Pro has ordered a case study in order to find out how much time employees spend on smoking. It was found that the cigarette breaks take on average 45 minutes each day, which is about 4 hours per week. And if you add up all the smoke breaks during the year, it will turn out that the smokers’ vacation is one week longer, if compared with non-smokers.

Moreover, the smokers sincerely believe that this habit increases their efficiency. Approximately half of the surveyed (46%) stated that cigarettes helped them cope better with different heavy work tasks, because exhaling smoke helps relieve stress and communicate with colleagues.

Less than 20% of smokers believe that this addiction interferes with their work. One of the participants of the survey says that the smoking zone is a place for informal communication, and there is no other place in the office like that. Another employee added that if he had not smoked, he would have felt a lot more stress and would have failed to do half the things he did during one day.

Voucher Codes Pro Marketing Director George Charles, comments on the results of the study and says that employers should think twice before hiring smokers. Indeed, their smoke breaks steal an entire week of the paid work time.