Reasons to Quit Your Job Today


If something does not suit you in your current job, you just need to solve the problem rather than sit and wait until the situation reaches its peak forcing you to quit, slamming the door loudly, or forcing your boss to fire you. Many people do that and wonder why it gets worse and worse every day. talked to psychologists and managers and found out what things eloquently indicate that you need to immediately quit and find something more suitable.

Lack of perspectives and positive emotions

Good prospects and wage growth are excellent motivation for employees. However, if you work in one place long enough, but your career does not develop and there is no wage rise, it is worth considering whether you are ready to keep being “mediocre”. Maybe you should find another company where your professional qualities will be appreciated and help you achieve the goals you have always dreamed of. Experts remind that your future depends solely on yourself, and if you want to change something, do not expect any favors from your fate, take the situation into your own hands and look for those options that will completely suit you.

Constant criticism and nagging

Healthy criticism helps to develop and grow professionally. However, if you notice that the authorities unfavorably find your faults, regularly name less talented employees as an example, you are most likely undervalued in this company and the management is looking for a reason to get rid of you at the first opportunity. So why wait and spoil your nerves? Try to foresee the situation and find something worthier, before your boss asks you to resign one day.

Depression from just thinking about work

If you are discouraged by the thought that you will have to return to your office and that you will keep doing the work you do not like, this is definitely not your option and you need to look for something more acceptable. You can’t force yourself to do something unwillingly because it can lead to disastrous results at some point. In order not to feel exhausted and think about tomorrow with apathy, try to find the strength to change the situation and frankly admit to yourself (and at the same time to the boss) that this work does not make you happier, therefore there is no point in staying there.

Colleagues, bosses or partners hate you

Working in a nervous environment, when the atmosphere is tense to the limit and one unintentional word can provoke a “riot on the ship”, is harmful to health. Many employees who escaped from the organizations where the “games of the throne” took place every day admitted that they would never agree to return to this nightmare. Why expose yourself to daily stress and make enemies? Think better of your health and of finding a place where you will be valued and respected, rather than plotted against and gossiped about.

Uncontrollable fear

This is especially true of those employees who work in hazardous production. Every day they fear that some trouble may happen to them, something may harm their health, and so on. Psychologists remind that it is very harmful to your body. For example, it can lead to a neurotic disorder. If you want to avoid unpleasant consequences and get rid of daily fear, think about changing the company. Or, for example, the sphere of activity.

A mismatch between expectations and reality

When you came to work in the company, you imagined in your wildest dreams that your position and authority would grow together with the size of your salary. Employers often promise bright prospects to their employees, which, in fact, does not always correspond to reality. Very often, instead of moving up the career ladder, as you were promised initially, you continue to do routine work every single day, which is constantly complemented with new responsibilities.

When you demonstrate timid indignation saying that you did not agree, the boss retorts that you are free to quit. If anything does not suit you, you can look for another job. By the way, some people do that, but most people for some reason fear that it may turn out even worse at another job. Therefore, they continue to carry out all the boss’s tasks humbly. Experts recommend not to be afraid of such changes and not to wait until you develop depression or professional burnout.

Dissatisfaction with the process or results

It is clear that in most cases you hope to receive not only a decent payment for your labor but also to satisfy your ambitions or even learn something new. If at some point you realize that you are engaged in an absolutely useless, hopeless or absurd business, and the result of your work is far from excellent, start to boldly monitor special sites in search of a worthy option. Otherwise, at some point, you will realize that the very thought about your job causes such disgust (or hostility) that no salary is capable of eliminating this big minus and force you to do the disliked work.

Gossip, intrigue, and familiarity

Psychologists remind you that you should never spread gossips or get involved in intrigues. Firstly, intriguers are not loved anywhere, so employers get rid of them at the first opportunity; secondly, they are either fired or receive such recommendations that they cannot turn up in any decent place. By the way, excessive familiarity in the workplace also does not lead to anything good. Indeed, in this case, you begin to turn a blind eye to the minor human failures or take on part of the person’s duties. You cannot do it differently since conscience does not let you do that. The other person begins to take advantage of it, loading you with additional work more and more. Therefore, if you notice that the atmosphere in the team is heating up more than in the Game of Thrones, or you are being abused by other employees for their own selfish purposes, run away from there as soon as possible.