Men’s Choice: 10 Hottest Female Jobs


When a man’s eye falls on a woman and he finds her attractive, he’s mainly inspired by her appearance, manners, gestures – those are the most impressive conveyors of the inner chemistry that kindles the flame. At first he doesn’t know much about her, the time for getting to know each other better will come later. He doesn’t care about her profession. But later the woman’s profession can add a spark to a flame.


Of course you will hardly want to choose your partner by profession only, yet will you deny that some trades enhance the sex appeal the man or the woman emanates. There are certain stereotypes (usually popularized by movies) which are firmly set in the mind as romantic, exciting and desirable, and they have to do with men’s and women’s professions apart from everything else.

The reasons why some particular profession is regarded as sexually stimulating may be subtle and variegated. A professor embodies an image of a mature, strict, intellectual woman who deigns or succumbs to a man’s charms. Female celebs are always in vogue, being the dream of many men and providing keys to the high life which offers new and blazing experiences. A college girl isn’t burdened by professional demands and stresses yet, she can be of a sunny disposition prone to hang out and have a good time – an ideal partner for some guys. And so on and so forth.

A man may have never given a thought to the dream woman’s walk of life, and then all of a sudden he may realize that he is excited by what his partner does during the workdays. Other men may have been aiming at girls of a particular profession from the start – and even if they are practically unapproachable, it is an additional invitation to come on.

Therefore, one of the ways to come across as more desirable is landing one of the jobs on this list of those men find very stimulating!


An attraction to female bartenders may be partly brought down to the fact that the men around them have drunk, and keep drinking, alcoholic beverages. Also, the fact that the good lady is so kind as to furnish the needy with a further supply of alcohol speaks highly in her favor. Anyway, when one is relaxing and feeling at peace with the world, a pleasant female face is greatly appreciated. Meanwhile, bartenders are constantly on the go serving drinks, and it is an impeding factor in trying to gain their attention for long. Not the easiest people to get to know better, female bartenders.


A waitress usually produces the impression of being both pleasant and approachable. She can be engaged in a conversation easier, and while bars are often noisy places, cafes and restaurants provide more convenient places for socializing. You can interact with a waitress many times during your meal, and chances are even better if you’re out for the whole evening. There’s no-one to prevent your leaving the cute waitress your telephone number before you walk out. And you can always go to the same place and see your favorite face quite often!


Those girls possess many attractive features (that are often promulgated by movies and shows) – they are dedicated followers of sport, enthusiastic, merry. They stay shapely and graceful. You can expect them to be rather outgoing and to be found at social happenings and events where you can have a drink and a chat with them. Besides, they have friends who are just as gorgeous, likeable and sportive as they, so your acquaintance may become highly advantageous to your friends too. Isn’t it exciting to have a girlfriend who is devoted to sports, think in terms of team spirit and is popular socially?


Why exactly sport makes women so alluring? They wouldn’t have been able to become power athletes if they hadn’t been highly dedicated and committed – nice traits these, aren’t they? Also, it requires a passionate nature. Then, of course, they are healthy and fit, which probably spells a lot of awesome sex. There are some shortcomings, all things considered – all these trainings, contests, other commitments may mean that there’s only a short time left for dating and going out. Diets and other restrictions make an important part of their lives. So, if you are bent on seeing one (which in itself is not an easy matter), be ready for problems coming up.


Although there are many winsome and even dazzling girls around you, you may still think that they are not on a par with your favorite actress! It’s perfectly understandable that you should. They are always scintillating, turned out beautifully – and they make sure everyone knows it by posting numerous photographs where they look just heavenly. We know that posting pics is a kind of sub-industry, but we like to look at them notwithstanding. So, however difficult it may be to get close enough to them to strike up an acquaintance, you will enjoy it even if it is only a photo together – not to speak of actually dating her.


Those gorgeous ladies with enchanting voices can vie with the best of movie stars, displaying their talents and their good looks in photos just like actresses. Yes, ladies-recording artists can be desirable for the wonderful shows they put up onstage, face to face with the audience, captivating hearts and souls – and you captivated her! It is surely a dream come true, hanging out with her band, they may even let you strum along on your guitar. Future hit records will be penned in your place, inspired by your love probably… No doubt, a singer is a marvelous partner to have. When is she going away on tour? Well, that’s something you will have to get accustomed to.

College professors

A good-looking teacher or a professor has been a dream with many men since they were schoolchildren, and the attraction stays (strongly kindled by movies and shows). They are used to being a cynosure and carry it off admirably. Also, their intelligence is a strong factor in their favor, the more so if you are interested in the same field of knowledge. Getting a teacher at home is not a bad idea, although some may be rather more authoritative than the average person. Still, you always seem to have something to talk about, and get more literate in the process. Your school dream came true, and it’s great!

College girls

Not a profession, this, but undoubtedly a social group to be considered highly desirable as girls go. Their appeal is great, concealed in their youth (they should be around 20, right?), which is arguably the best time for getting around, getting to know people, seeing how your relationship with different types of guys develop; they can be counted on for leading an active social life, being willing to attend events, go out. Having so much to learn, they will appreciate that you help them wind down and stay on the easy side of life for a time. They are not famous (yet!), so you can make friends with them in minutes.


One of the leaders in sexy costumes, nurses with their professional manners and spotlessly clean appearance take the cake with many men. They are supposed to be very caring and attentive, which seems to be their main point of attraction, although in real life you may find they are not prone to wearing high stilettos (a disappointment?). Having won a hospital nurse, you can rely on being taken care of in return and helped through your bad days. An affectionate atmosphere is practically guaranteed.


Having to deal with policewomen in their professional capacity is far from being an attractive one, but doing it outside their duty is another matter altogether! A woman in a police uniform looks fetching, and it doesn’t mean maybe. She exudes power and jurisdiction, she wields symbols of power (which incidentally can be very inspiring erotically), she is the embodiment of numberless heroines of our favorite movies. One of the definite winners in terms of female desirability, a woman cop by your side is sure to look great.