How PMP Certification is Worth It


Global experiences and salaries for women as project managers are less as compared to men. This can be changed to equal wages for both men and women through PMP certification. Project Management Professional courses is a standardized way to build a career and fulfill your dreams. There are many benefits of PMP certification course, but the decision relies on where to do this course. Not only have you needed to select the Institute for the course, but also the location.

Therefore, it is essential for every woman to be cognizant of the cities that sound beneficial for their career and education, and safe for their career buildup. Without any doubt, New York comes out to be the best place in the world for women to get accomplished their goals.

NYC and Career

According to the NYC Human Rights Law, no workplace discrimination takes place on the basis of race, age, gender, citizenship, or any other reasons. This is beneficial for everyone, especially women, as PMP certification in NYC encourages all project managers around the world to grow their career without any hindrances.

The Project Management Professional or PMP Certification is formed to help the participants achieve the internationally recognized Certification from the authorized project management institutes in the United States. There are various options where one can apply for the PMP Certification courses but need to be wise while picking the credible one.

The United States has come up with the best collection of online PMP courses with a pool of certified and skilled trainers in different states including New York. There is a lot to say about PMP certification as it has incredible access to different programs of the course and can answer to a common question that hits to a professional’s mind when thinking of the PMP certification-

Why should we apply for a PMP certification when we are already managing projects?

The question is simple, but getting its answer is quite ambiguous. You may want to look for different answers, but despite this, it is highly recommended opting for PMP certification course as it allows you to think on project management techniques, practices, current trends, and standards.

During recruitment, many companies give preference to projects managers who are PMP certified. If this doesn’t encourage you, then you should know that PMP certified professionals are likely to get more job opportunities and more salaries. Think about it!

Why PMP Certification in NYC?

  • Resume Value: Education for career growth has different objectives than those of graduate studies. PMP certification is the valuable certificate course, which when added to the resume would enhance the chance of an individual’s profile to get selected among other profiles.
  • Industry Identification: PMP certification has high value in the market and thus, NYC provides effective PMP courses that allow project managers to build their identity along with their career.
  • Significant Skills: PMP certification in NYC teaches project managers how to stand out in the crowd of competitors. Thanks to PMBOK certification that boosts important skills in you and excel your career!
  • Higher Income: PMP certified professionals earn more than their counterparts. PMP certification is the highest paid IT certification that proves to be a fruitful remark for women to grow in their career.
  • Great Networking Opportunities: PMP certification is not limited to an individual’s resume value, but also to build professional networks. This course encourages mentoring the other PMP aspirants.

What Does PMP Certification in NYC Include?

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for PMP Certification, you need a 4-year degree with 4500 hours of leading and directing projects, and those with secondary degree require 7500 hours of leading and directing projects as introduced by the Project Management Institute.


A project manager can apply for this course if he meets the following requirements after fulfilling the eligibility criteria:

  • Direct and lead cross-functional teams to deliver projects within a defined schedule, resource, and budget
  • Responsible for long-term projects and perform duties under general supervision
  • Cognizant of applying a methodology to projects that are highly reasonable and authentic


A PMP exam is a multiple choice paper with six types of questions. These questions are situational, knowledge-based, technical, PMBOK guide, formula-based, and interpretational.

Popular Courses

Here are the top 10 prominent courses for PMP Certification

  1. PRINCE2 Foundation certification training course
  2. Program Management Professional (PgMP) certification training
  3. PRINCE2 Practitioner
  4. Oracle Primavera P6V8
  5. Senior International Project Management training
  6. Microsoft Project 2013
  7. Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification training course
  8. Change Management
  9. PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Certification
  10. Certified Associate in Project Management training course (CAPM)

Steps to Apply for PMP Certification

  • Meet the eligibility criteria of the course
  • Pay the examination fee as mentioned in the respective online training institute for PMP certification course
  • Schedule the exam and attend it after the great preparation

Certified Project Manager: Project Management Knowledge Areas

5 Process Groups of Project Management

  • Initiating: The initial step of any project consists of a vision to be accomplished throughout its duration. It includes discovering the project’s phase, managing teams, acquiring essential permits, and organizing work schedule in place.
  • Planning: There is a need to maintain a project’s time mapping; scopes, team selection, planning, timeline, and a communication plan. A project manager has to take these broader areas into consideration.
  • Executing: The team members are assigned with their task so that they proceed or execute the tasks accurately. This is the step where most of the budget is spent.
  • Monitoring: In this step, a project manager is responsible for maintaining the pace of the project, maintaining effective communication, and reaching standard goals.
  • Closing: The project comes to an end. This step represents the overall abilities and skills of a project manager.

Duties of a Project Manager

Though a designation of a project manager implies the significance of leadership qualities very well, there are certain duties and responsibilities to be fulfilled while handling different niche projects. Here are the duties of a project manager:

  • Commences a project plan, carries it out, and works on its execution, management, and designs.
  • Direct and leads the project from start to the end
  • Build out strategies before team members step ahead for their roles

Project Manager Certification

Gaining good experience in any field remains a powerful point, but becoming certified in the field enthuses one to perform precisely and hit goals. This is how PMP certification works for a project manager. To become a certified project manager, make sure you go through the following five steps:

  1. Fulfill your eligibility criteria for a certified project manager
  2. Go through the PMP credentials book
  3. Apply for the online PMP certification course if required
  4. Register for the PMP certification course
  5. Prepare and study from PMBOK guide


The PMBOK in project management stands for Project Management Body of Knowledge. This guide introduces you to processes, useful terminologies, best practices, and adequate guidelines for working as a certified project manager. PMBOK guide is generally updated within the duration of 4-5 years because it contains standard guidelines shared by professional experts and practitioners.

PMP Examination Preparation

A proper study for PMP examination requires a partnership. An aspirant needs to discuss and debate with his peer on various aspects that would lead to a concluded point at the end. There are certain practices made by PMP courses institutes for candidates so that they lack nowhere in getting professional help. Moreover, taking help from the PMBOK guide is imperative as it familiarizes you with a lexicon of project management studies.

It’s a fact that the position of project management continues to develop efficiently by various organizations and companies in almost every industry. Passing a PMP certification is helpful in many ways because once you come to know about five processes of project management and lead more projects, you’ll easily get to know what’s work best and what not while evaluating the project.

You’ll find PMP certification course easy to study because it also contains the subject that you have experienced for years in the project management field. Moreover, women can thrive their dreams fruitfully.