A Beautiful Face Is More Important for Career Than Brain


Attractive appearance can provide social success, even if the person is not too smart and has no special abilities. Such conclusion was made by the American scientists who have examined life stories of the students in a Wisconsin school.


This may seem unfair. Nevertheless, in order to make a successful career in the modern world, it is enough just to have a pretty face. Summarizing the results of their research, the scientists reported that beautiful people are more successful in their careers, and success comes to them even after their beauty gradually disappears with age.

Experts analyzed the data on schoolchildren after they left school and started independent life. Experts focused on such parameters as appearance, performance, social class, etc. In the end, it turned out that the greatest social success after graduation came to the most attractive kids. They got a better job, and rapid career rise, regardless of their grades or IQ.

Researchers have figured out that at almost every stage of the career interesting people get more prestigious jobs than people with plain appearance – they are easier admitted to universities, more often accepted for well-paid positions. This social imbalance, according to the researchers, can be explained by the fact that beautiful people are generally more confident. Confident people make others trust them – so the human mind works.