7 Tips on How to Develop Charisma


Charisma is a kind of magic wand, which can be used to fascinate people and achieve the desired result overnight. But what if you do not possess any “charisma”?


Today, a charismatic person is the person with a unique set of personal characteristics and some inner flame. The experts believe that charisma, as well as any other trait, can be developed. To do this you just need to follow a few simple rules:

1. Love yourself

No one will love you until you start to love yourself. Do not get focused on the shortcomings, try to find only the best things in your appearance and character, praise yourself for personal success and achievement. Try to achieve inner peace with yourself, and then others will feel comfortable in your company.

2. Do not be like everybody

People are curious by nature and tend to be drawn to those who stand out from the crowd. You have an unusual style of clothes, you listen to alternative music, you watch art-house movies, or have a non-standard hobby? Do not be shy to talk about it and emphasize your individuality.

3. Smile

Firstly, a smile draws people; secondly, it demonstrates your self-confidence; and thirdly, it breaks down emotional barriers. Anyway, why should you try to be adverse and alienate people with a haughty countenance? You can just smile and share a wonderful mood with other people.

4. Do not be afraid to object

Everyone liked the “The Great Gatsby”, and you think that the movie happened to be not quite successful? Tell them about it because you have your own opinion! Most importantly, talk about it with dignity and without hurting or insulting other people’s feelings. Show your character and convincingly explain why you think that the film does not deserve such a high assessment.

5. Look into the eyes

Eye contact says that you carefully listen to the interlocutor and you care about what he/she says. “Eye to eye” conversations will help you establish a trusting relationship with the person.

6. Mind the gestures

The way you are perceived by the surrounding people largely depends on how you behave. Mind your shoulders, gesticulate confidently, but not aggressively, and keep a straight posture. This will help others understand that you are confident in yourself and you know what you want to get in your life or in any situation.

7. Do not be boring

Do not appear too often in the same company. Your presence should be valuable. When people know that you can disappear for a while, they will appreciate your presence even more.