Perfect Diet Rules & Tricks


Eating the third crepe with chocolate, you might have thought this is a hot topic, indeed. If such a diet really worked, it would be priceless.



  • If no one sees you eat something, this food does not contain calories!
  • Everything eaten at parties is not taken into consideration because these calories are immediately burned while chatting and dancing.
  • If you try food from someone else’s plate, that other person receives the calories, and not you!
  • Everything you eat while watching TV, enjoying a film or surfing the internet, cannot contain calories because it is part of the fun, and not dinner.
  • All of the calories in chocolate are spent on brain activity, and ice cream is an antidepressant, which means they cannot make you gain weight.


  • Crumbled pieces of cookies are non-caloric because it is whole cookies that contain calories, and the latter disappear when a cookie crumbles.
  • When you eat with someone, your calories are not taken into account, if you eat less than the other person.
  • If you drink diet Coke and eat chocolate, their calories destroy each other.
  • Food is considered to be non-nutritive, if you, instead of putting it on the plate, take it directly from the frying pan with a fork, periodically covering the frying pan with a lid and walking away from it.


  • What is eaten for medicinal purposes never matters. For example, hot milk and butter for a cold, or chocolate to treat stress.
  • Everything that is licked from a knife or a spoon while cooking food contains no calories since they are only found in cooked dishes.
  • Products from the fridge are free of calories; calories are a unit of heat.