Fun Hobbies to Try after 40


When you were younger, you were eager to try your worth at a string of things – some of them those that go along with socially accepted trends, and some that take you farther afield from being a good girl and tempt you to indulge in some more or less respectable peccancy.

Anyway, years have worn away, and you don’t have that energy to take up new things and come out as a surprise to your friends – but why? Suppose that after we turned forty we still have it what can make us stand out and deliver goods that single us out as those special people who draw in others who grow to appreciate our outstanding abilities. Surely that sounds great. If you know your gifts, just go ahead. If you are to discover them yet, read on.

Look upon yourselves in a different light. Your 40s is not anything like sunset – on the contrary, you are on the ascendant. What you need is to prove it to others (and maybe to yourself as well). Now let’s see how you can set about it.

Have you ever been renowned as a kitchen wizard? You can start right now – and set your friends talking about you as an accomplished chef. They’ll be crowding about you expecting to be invited.

Grill master

You know how to come up with a decent grill? Forget about it and start from the scratch. Find out all about creative barbecue and brush up on all and sundry grilling ways – smoking, coating, you will be surprised at how many barbecuing tips you can unearth. Practice to make perfect – and delight your family and friends with how you can improve on a common BBQ party.

Forager of merit

For this you may have to fall back on somebody in your area who knows the ropes. There may even turn out to be a small group of local savants who are well versed in plants, berries and whatnot that grow in your area and are tasty. So you begin to spend your afternoons out in the open, commune with Mother Nature and come back with stuff that will make your dinners bruited among your friends and colleagues. A marvelous cook can be a local celebrity at 40 years and older!

Home brewing expert

If you have some $50-100 that you can spare and a spot in your garage you didn’t know what to do with, go get a beer-making kit. Choose your kind of poison, put in some practice and wait until the moment when your home brew achieves quality unbelievable. Then you can enjoy your solitary evenings at home much better, or, if you are a gregarious kind, you will always find someone to share your little hobby any time you feel like cracking a few bottles with friends.

A renowned magician

Entertainment always running in high demand, how about digging up your long-lost pack of cards and master a few tricks with them? As your reputation as a party entertainer begins to grow, increase it by learning some sleights of hand and other stuff. Once you and your friends are happy with it, you can aspire to become a professional magician – and even get round to purchasing outlandish outfits to complete your onstage appearances before eager crowds!

Get a real guitar instead of an air one

Yes, why not? You ain’t gonna make a million dollars performing with your Bill Smith Blues Band, but you can pick up several favorites and render them to your friends’ delight. Even before you are good enough to regale the public with your musical prowess, you may find that strumming your free afternoon away is quite a pleasant pastime. If your partner isn’t sure about your new hobby, compose a love song for your next wedding anniversary and earn a reputation of an incurable romantic.

Now, a hobby is not necessarily something you take up to delight others. First of all you have yourself to please and your leisure time to beguile. Get your life on a healthier footing by starting to do yoga or swimming – these are guaranteed to shape you to perfection and display a graceful body when most people expect you to run to fat. Or you can afford to be a little egregious and enjoy flutters with online casino games. While life makes you tired, use all the ways you can to wind down and retain a happy, carefree and smiling attitude. Let people say: “Do you know that she is an origami wizard?” or “There is no-one I know who does better snorkeling!” Let them stop and marvel at your garden. You can be so able and unexpected in your 40ies!