7 Ways of Making Life Easier


We all get tired of the modern world. We are being pushed by its speed, its demands. Run, call, read millions of chats, do, buy more! And then you suddenly find yourself wanting a quiet and simple life in a small house somewhere on a lake shore.


Yes, simple life is often associated with a cozy house in the forest and a kitchen garden where you can grow everything necessary. We’ll show you how to remain part of the modern world and make your life easier at the same time.

Use a usual mobile phone

It would be great to do without a phone at all, but sometimes we still need to make an urgent call and pay phones can’t be found in the street any more. Instead of a smartphone, buy a usual ‘dialer’. It will be very cheap and will save you from the tedious and endless communication in messengers and social networks.

Give up cable television

Digital and cable TV providers compete in the number of channels offered. However, if you only have time and desire to watch one or two movies or TV series running in three channels, why should you pay for 500? To watch them someday maybe?

Leave a minimum number of the necessary ones. Or get rid of the TV altogether. This may help you revive the ancient family tradition of talking to each other over dinner.

Get rid of credit cards

With credit cards, we feel let a little bit richer. We allow ourselves buying something that, in fact, we cannot afford. However, credit cards have become a burden. You always remember that you owe the bank money. Get rid of credit cards and start planning the budget. First you will be scared, but eventually you will get used to relying only on the money that you have.

Clean your house of unnecessary things

Clean the mess and get rid of everything that you do not use. We have repeatedly written that junk doesn’t let you live, stealing space in your home, taking your time – you have to think all the time where to put all these things. Throw out, give away or sell them. The money can be spent on loan repayment.

Get rid of unnecessary monthly expenses

Membership at the gym, which you attend no more than once a week, 500 channels of digital TV, mobile internet package – what other useless expenses can you name? Money flows away, and you can not even find a gap in your budget. Review your expenses.

Perhaps, to keep fit, you only have to walk or run in the park a couple of times a week. Television has already been mentioned in the second paragraph, and as for mobile internet – you may really need it but probably not as much as you pay for it.

We do spend a lot out of habit. Sometimes you should consider if you really need it.

Keep track of your expenses

Start recording your expenses. It seems a dreary exercise, but in the end it makes your life easier. Understanding what you spend your money on helps you eliminate unnecessary costs. For example, a car. Do you need it that much? Aren’t you tired of all the stuff: cleaning, repairs, fines, bad roads, parking spaces, rude drivers? Plus significant financial investment. So, you spend your money, time and nerves… And what do you get in return? Weigh the pros and cons.

Save your time

Write down the time you spend. Do not simply divide it into work, leisure, and household chores. Keep track of how you allocate time at work and what exactly you spend the remaining hours on. Most likely, you will be able to spot a few things that take too much of your time. However, time and money are two valuable human resources.

When your life becomes easier, these two resources grow. This is the main advantage of simple life in the modern world.

The great thing about our list is that you can only do one point out of it, and your life will become easier. You can abruptly change the course of your life, if you follow all the tips simultaneously. Or, you may change it step by step. The choice is yours.