7 Habits Making You Poor


Our habits affect the physical and emotional condition and actually program our behavior and determine our life. They include the habits that you should stay away from and exclude from your life.


1. The habit of feeling sorry for yourself

The habits of poverty start with a never-ending self-pity and mourning over your unfortunate fate. Too ample figure, too small income, wrong education, a wrong flat – everything, absolutely everything can be the reason for self-pity and sorrow about your bad luck.

Meanwhile, the people who are accustomed to constantly feeling sorry for themselves quickly lose the sympathy of others. Eternal hypochondriacs are avoided; people expect nothing from him/her (as the one who can only whine); he is not invited to parties. As a result, he/she has critically few personal relationships, which makes it virtually impossible to make a career and get involved into a promising project.

2. The habit of saving everything

If the first thing you start looking for in a store is the department of discount sales, if you think that colleagues at work are paid more despite the fact that they work less than you, if you never lend money to anyone, if you leave no tip for waiters and think that your wages prevent you from giving birth to a child – that is likely to be a habit of poverty that you have already cultivated.

Analysts say the desire for total savings is not a sign of reasonable thrift, but an indication that a person has no balance between revenues and expenditures.

3. The habit of evaluating everything in money

Only the people programmed to poverty believe that you can be happy on the condition that you are paid the sum with lots of zeros; that you cannot be happy and enjoy life, if there are no expensive clothes, your own mansion, or a prestigious car. Sociologists argue that only the poor begin to list material values in response to the question: “What do you need for happiness?”

People with higher income name true love and friendship. According to them, the rich are those who can gain money and organize new businesses from scratch.

4. The habit of panicking when running out of money

When your pulse quickens only at the thought that you might be fired, this may point to your internal program of poverty. For rich people, money is not the same value: you may have it today and lose it tomorrow. And this happens in a cyclic way.

5. The habit of spending more than you earn

Do you work at two jobs, but the money is still not enough? It’s time to change something! If a person does not understand the difference between two loans, he/she is not going to be rich.

6. The habit of being engaged in a disliked business

If not me, then who? Psychologists say that the people who deal with the unloved business are potentially ready to failure and poverty. The reason is the feeling that tells them they need to be involved in an unpleasant occupation. To eradicate this habit, you need to do something that causes the greatest satisfaction instead of the thing somebody else needs. You can achieve great results only in this field!

7. The habit of staying away from family

For all hereditary wealthy people, a family is the most cherished value ​​in the world. After all, family makes it possible to find solace and support, when crisis occurs in all other spheres of life.