6 Ways to Get Rid of Shoe Odor


How to get rid of shoe odor? Here are some simple home remedies.


1. Hydrogen peroxide

Take hydrogen peroxide, moisten a cloth or a cotton pad in it, and wipe the shoe inside thoroughly. If one treatment is not enough, it can be repeated (a few times). Instead of hydrogen peroxide, you can take usual alcohol or vodka, which has an antibacterial and deodorizing effect.

2. Shoe deodorants

Conventional shoe deodorants will also help eliminate the odor. However, for starters, you still need to wipe shoes with peroxide, and only then spray them with a deodorant. A deodorant will prevent the appearance of odor afterwards.

3. Soda

Adsorbents are substances absorbing moisture and odor. They will also help cope with bad smell. You can use flour or baking soda. Just fill the shoes with it and leave for a couple of hours, then vacuum the shoes. Activated carbon is also an adsorbent, but it may leave black traces inside the shoe. Therefore, it is not recommended to use.

4. Vinegar

It is also a good odor remover. Moisten cotton pads in vinegar and put them inside the shoes for about three hours (or even overnight). Remove the pads and ventilate the shoes.

Each of these ways is good, but if you combine them, the effect will be even greater. Therefore, we can first wipe the shoes with peroxide or vinegar, then ventilate them and spray with a deodorant. Alternatively, you can fill the shoes with flour, leave overnight, and then vacuum thoroughly and wipe them with potassium permanganate. It is simple enough. However, you may have trouble with old shoes.

5. Activated charcoal insoles

Today shops sell many different shoe insoles with activated charcoal. They eliminate odor very well. Usually companies sell such insoles of different sizes.

6. Change shoes

Change your shoes as soon as you come to work. When the working day is over, put on the street shoes. If your feet sweat a lot, use a deodorant for feet and change shoes several times a day. Changing shoes is a momentary thing, but at least you will not be ashamed of the odor if you need to take off your shoes at someone’s home.