6 Bartender’s Tricks


Even in coolest bars you may be given fewer drinks than necessary; there may be too much ice in a cocktail, and cheaper ingredients can be used in cocktails deliberately. All of this is done in order to save money. How not to be cheated in a bar?


  1. In an unknown place, ask double drinks in two different glasses: it is less likely that you will be fooled. Such tricks are less likely to be practiced with regular visitors.
  2. Always ask ice to be brought separately: piles of ice in a glass very often mask a shortage of alcohol.
  3. The change in small bills that many people are too lazy to count feeds more than one generation of bartenders.
  4. Diluted martini is easy to distinguish: due to its oily structure it leaves pure streaks on the glass walls, whereas diluted martini leaves droplets.
  5. To replace expensive vodka with cheap one, it is kept in the freezer: so the differences are less noticeable. This usually happens when you order small portions – ask in advance not to serve it too cold.
  6. A good whiskey or brandy mixed with cola is a wasted product. The bartender thinks the same and is likely to pour the cheapest drink.