25 Surprising Facts about Alcohol

January 31, 1865, is considered the birthday of Russian vodka. On this day, scientist Dmitri Mendeleev defended his doctoral thesis “On mixing spirits with water.” Despite the constant debate over the harm that alcohol causes to physical and mental health, people from different parts of the world continue to drink. And every country has their favorite alcoholic beverage. We have gathered little known facts about alcohol for our readers.


1. Neolithic pitchers

Archaeologists have found Neolithic pitchers, suggesting that deliberately fermented beverages had existed back in the Stone Age (about 10,000 years BC).

2. All fruits contain alcohol

Most vegetables and almost all fruits contain a small amount of alcohol.

3. In most countries, one can drink since the age of 16

Along with several other countries, the US has the highest minimum age for alcohol consumption (21). In most other countries, it is legally allowed to drink since 16.

4. Alcohol exists not only on earth

Alcohol exists not only on our planet. Astronomers have found that there is a huge amount of alcohol in the interstellar space of the universe.

5. Barbary Coast, the Bee’s Knees and the Wheelchair

Cocktails became popular during the Prohibition period. At that time they were offered to conceal the bad taste and poor-quality alcohol. Most popular cocktails of the time were named Mary Pickford, French 75, Barbary Coast, Bee’s Knees and Wheelchair.

6. 0.7% of the earth population is always drunk

Studies have shown that at any given time 0.7% of the planet population is in a state of intoxication. This means that right at this moment 50 million people are drinking.

7. “Billionare vodka”

The most expensive bottle of vodka costs 3.75 million dollars. “Billionare vodka” is filtered through ice, Nordic birch charcoal and the sand of crushed diamonds. This vodka is sold in crystal bottles, coated with platinum and rhodium and encrusted with diamonds.

8. In the US, 5,000 people die because of alcohol each year

Each year, the US loses about 5,000 of its citizens at the age of over 21 years because of the incidents related to alcohol, such as car accidents, murders, alcohol intoxication, etc.

9. A muscular person is more resistant to alcohol than a fat one

Muscular people are more resistant to alcohol than overweight ones. Water-rich muscle tissues absorb alcohol more efficiently, not letting it reach the brain.

10. A cork from a bottle

Inside a champagne bottle, the pressure reaches 40 kg per square inch, which is three times higher than the pressure in car tires. A champagne bottle cork speeds up to 95 km/h and can cause serious injury.

11. Cenosillicaphobia

The fear of an empty glass has a scientific name. It is called cenosillicaphobia.

12. Vikings and alcohol

The Vikings loved alcohol, but they did not drink it from traditional beverage containers. Instead, they reportedly preferred to celebrate their victory by drinking from the skulls of defeated enemies.

13. A drunken patient

Japanese doctors have seen patients with the “auto-brewery syndrome”, in which the bowel produces the amount of alcohol sufficient for intoxication. This happens due to the high level of candida yeast.

14. The highest beer consumption is in the Czech Republic

The highest beer consumption is registered in the Czech Republic, where an average of 150 liters of beer per person is consumed annually.

15. “Tarantula brandy”

One of the most popular drinks in Cambodia is “Tarantula brandy”. This is an unusual mixture of rice liquor and the recently slain tarantulas.

16. Brewmeister Snake Venom

The strongest beer in the world is Brewmeister Snake Venom, with the alcohol reaching 67.5%.

17. Beer in school canteens

Many school cafeterias in Europe sell beer to students.

18. 5 billion liters of vodka per year

Vodka is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world. Every year, about 5 billion liters of vodka are drunk.

19. Abraham Lincoln sold alcohol

Abraham Lincoln had a license to sell alcohol and managed several taverns.

20. The ban on alcoholizing fish

In Ohio, it is illegal to give alcohol to fish.

21. “Brandewijn”

The word “brandy” comes from the Dutch word “Brandewijn”, which means “burnt wine”.

22. No takeaway

The soil is considered to be so valuable in one of the vineyards in France that the workers are bound to scrape the soil from their soles before going out.

23. Bottles of authentic tequila contain no worms

Despite the widespread belief, bottles of authentic tequila contain no worms. In fact, worms, or gusano, were added to mezcal for marketing purposes.

24. 0.5 liters of beer, a glass of wine and a shot of vodka

0.5 liters of beer, a glass of wine and a shot of vodka contain almost the same amount of alcohol.

25. Sir Winston Churchill was a great lover of drinks

Adolf Hitler was one of the most famous abstainers in the world, and Sir Winston Churchill was one of the most famous drunkards.