10 Things You Should Know About Drip Tips


It is never easy to stop a smoking habit. Smoking can be enjoyable and stylish in the early stages. When it is the time to stop, there are a number of challenges that one has to overcome. Electronic cigarettes have made it easy for one to stop smoking. Vaping provides the best alternative to smoking. A drip tip is a major component of vaping. It improves the performance of a vape tank among other things.

These are 10 things you should know about drip tip.

1. Wood drip tip

It does not affect the flavor of the substance. It is compatible with a wide variety of vape tanks. It is affordable and readily available in the market. It is available in either oak, sherry wood or dark wood. It has great heat resistance abilities and makes your setup look stylish.

2. Glass drip tip

If you are using an e-liquid, this type if drip is the best for you. It provides great heat resistance abilities. It comes in as many different colors as you may think. It is a wide top compatible with all 510 designed tanks. Other tanks can be connected using an adapter.

3. Still chuck innovations acrylic drip tip.

This is not among the commonly used tips in the market. However, they function in the desired way offering the best heat resistance. it provides the best solutions when it is used Cleito and Tobeco tanks. It is one of the most appealing types of drip tips.

4. Vaponaute Teflon drip tip

This type of product is named after the manufacturing material. It is made of Teflon which is a great heat resistant material. It provides the user with a silky mouthfeel during vaping. It is compatible with different drip tips.

5. VaporFi Teflon Drip Tip

This product gives Teflon lover another option from Vaponaute Teflon drip tip. They are cylindrical in shape. This makes them less appealing than other drip but makes them compatible with any tank in the market. It is a 510 drip tip but made with a narrow bore. This makes it the best product for flavor-chasing vapers.

6. Tophus Marble Drip Tip

It has a special steel stainless connection with a stone exterior. It possesses the best heat resistance abilities in the market. It comes in five different colors namely: salmon, black, rose red, pink, and white. Once one understands the top quality drip tips for vaping, a decision on choosing the best drip will be easy.

7. Modish Metal Works Drip Tips

It has a better and extensive version of stainless drip. This increases the heat resistance abilities. It can be compatible with all tanks but works best with wide based products. Most of the tips are made from copper, titanium, and brass. It is a bit expensive compared to other types of product. It ranges from $20 to $25. The price may vary depending on the material used.

8. Carbon Fiber Drip Tip

It is made of carbon fiber bodies. It comes with a wide bore. it can be made from a variety of materials: steel, copper, graphite, and brass are the common materials used. Where steel is used, it must be the stainless type. The tip is quarter an inch in radius. And 0.98 inches tall. It is more expensive than the above drip. A willing buyer must part with more than $4.99.

9. Airflow Drip Tip

The drip is made from a mixture of metallic and Delrin. Just as the name suggests, this product is fitted with two small air holes on both sides of the product. For a cloud chaser, this is the best option. It is created with a Delrin base makes it offer great heat resistance services. It cost about $5.

10. Honeycomb Drip Tip

This is the best product on the market. It resembles the normal honeycomb. The body is filled up with holes that provides excellent airflow. Its base is made of Delrin that improves its heat resistance properties. It can be used for high voltage vaping. Its body is majorly made from a mixture of aluminum and stainless steel. This two material makes the drip more durable. It is the most expensive product retailing at about six dollars.

Getting the best drip tip helps one make an informed decision on what to buy. The material and compatibility with a vaping-tank are the most important aspects of the product. The price of the product reflects its material and durability.