Runaway Alarm Clock


ClockyFor people who are lucky to be able to wake up naturally it would be no more than yet another funny alarm clock concept. But those who have really hard time getting up in the mornings and keep hitting that snooze button to enjoy some more sleep might become friends with this gadget… or would stomp it to death one day.

Meet Clocky! Once it starts beeping, it won’t be an easy job to switch it off because the Clocky plays one little trick on you. It jumps off your bedside table and runs away making cute noises. There is only one way to stop this alarm clock from beeping at you and it is to get up and chase it down. You just can’t sleep with this thing wheeling around your bedroom like a police cruiser with sirens on. You can set him to run away immediately, or you can set it to snooze up to nine minutes and if you don’t wake up it will hit the floor and scurry away.

Runaway Alarm Clock

The Clocky isn’t just a design concept, it’s a real product. Created by Boston-based designer Gauri Nanda, runaway alarm clock sells for $50.

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