Groovy Gifts – 5 Gifts That Your Clients Will Love


Our over-reliance on email and other forms of digital communication has led to a loss of tangible, personal connections in the business world. It’s much easier to dash off a quick email, Skype or Slack message than to pick up the phone or, horror of horrors, meet with someone in person. We all love the speed, convenience, and efficiency of email. However, it is still robust personal relationships that grease the wheels of commerce. Gift giving is an integral part of the business culture in many countries, particularly in Asia. Whether you’re doing business internationally or locally, showing clients you care will help to deepen your connection. Here are a few suggestions of thoughtful items that your clients will love:

Glorious Java

Our obsession with coffee is well founded. The splendid little bean fuels billions, keeping us going day after day. One’s choice of coffee is an intensely personal factor, and it is fair to say that the container it comes in can be too. For this reason, a great quality branded reusable coffee cup can be an outstanding way to make a client feel special and keep you front of mind as they sip on the life-giving elixir.

H2 Ooh!

Sticking with the beverage theme; with so much publicity about the benefits of remaining hydrated, it has become commonplace to see people with drink bottles and water flasks permanently affixed to their desks. It stands to reason that a sleek drink bottle would be warmly received by many of your clients. The chance to have your logo front and center on such a ubiquitous item will ensure that you’re never far from their thoughts.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

If you’re not convinced that low-tech still has a place in the marketing world, then here’s an opportunity to have the best of both worlds. Smartphone and tablet accessories are incredibly practical and much sought after. As with the examples above, people are so attached to their devices that having your brand associated with something so personal and frequently used is a bonus for you. Whether it’s sleeve or case for a tablet, a wallet cover for a cell phone, power bank or any similar item, throw your logo on it, and your clients will love you.

Go Green

It pays to be environmentally conscious in all aspects of our lives. What better way to showcase your enviro-credentials than with an eco-friendly gift. It’s a powerful statement about your organisation’s corporate culture and commitment to a greener planet and can help to motivate others to have a greater awareness of ecological issues. Items such as branded reusable shopping bags, recyclable notebooks and a host of other sustainable products will say a lot about who you are as a company.

Be a Sport

The stresses of corporate life, long hours spent sitting at desks, hastily eaten take-out meals and a host of other unhealthy habits can all take their toll on people’s long-term physical and mental health. Many combat this by keeping fit and active outside the office. Make sure they take you with them by gifting sport and fitness items that they will love when letting off steam in the gym or on the field. The gym junkies might appreciate a stylish sports bag in which to keep their gear, while that golfer client would likely be thrilled to receive a set of golf balls or a golf umbrella.

Whatever you choose, showing your clients that you care enough to put some thought into something that they will appreciate will be great for them, as well as for your own branding.