Women Shouldn't Wear Miniskirts after 35


By the age of 35 women should give up wearing short tops, even if they have a perfectly flat and sporty belly. The same age is a limit for mini-skirts and navel piercing, as shown by a survey.

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More than 2,000 women were interviewed by the social scientists during a survey commissioned by the British All-Bran brand in order to find out whether there is appropriate or inappropriate age for certain items of clothing. The survey showed that the fair sex itself is pretty strict in the attitude to forming such rules. The list of clothes, which are considered to depend on age, is very impressive.

Thus, even if a 35-year-old woman has a belly like Gwen Stefani and Heidi Klum, she still cannot be seen in public in short tops. This is despite the fact that naked belly was one of the “hot” fashion trends of the year. After the age of 40, ladies should not go to the beach in a short bikini-type bathing suit, and again this clothing item is not appropriate for this age, regardless of the figure.

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Three-quarters of the respondents believe that there should be a certain style of women’s clothing for every age. According to the poll, the age of 40 is almost a fatal time because after that age a woman should not wear almost anything of what is now considered fashionable, exposing and sexy.

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Short shorts, mini-skirts, and a navel piercing are considered prohibited after 35 years. In addition, it is inappropriate for women of any age to demonstrate their belly, if they have scars after childbirth, as well as for pregnant women, married women, and ladies having children. Finally, it is advisable that ladies give up wearing leggings and even stilettos by the age of 37 years.