Winter Kate: Nicole Richie's New Collection


We offer you to take a look at the preview of a new Nicole Richie’s Winter Kate Fall-Winter clothing collection.

Winter Kate Fall-Winter Clothing Collection

Nicole continues to draw her inspiration from bohemian 70s, this time focusing on such rock icons as Debbie Harry, hippie style, and, of course, immortal classics.

Winter Kate Fall-Winter Collection

As with previous lines, there are lots of romantic silk dresses, long tunics, see-through shirts, stylish jackets and vests. Well, Nicole Richie seems to have found where she belongs.  If we wondered earlier what’s so special about Nicole apart from her hanging out with Paris Hilton, now we can give her credit for Winter Kate collection.

Winter Kate Fall-Winter

Winter Kate Clothing Collection

Winter Kate Collection

Winter Kate Fall-Winter New Collection

Winter Kate Fall-Winter Clothing New Collection

Winter Kate New Collection

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