The Best Choice Now — Clarity Enhanced Diamonds


If you’ve gone diamond shopping lately, you’re aware of the diamonds choices available to you right now. And that’s a good thing. But what’s not so great? It’s trying to select the very best diamond while staying within your budget. We’ve got some news to help you make a smart decision when it comes to buying a diamond and select a gorgeous stone that’s bigger and brighter than you ever thought possible – all while keeping your budget in check.

First a brief overview about these alluring stones diamonds are mined from deep within the earth after being formed over a period of millions and even billions of years. For thousands of years, they’ve been prized as a marvelous natural wonder. They are also cherished for their beauty and strength. And because they are the hardest mineral on earth, this makes them a universal symbol of enduring love.

Buying a diamond is a big financial and emotional investment. So you want to get it right the first time, especially if you’re shopping for a diamond engagement ring. An engagement ring symbolizes a unique love between a couple that will only grow more precious as each year goes by. So you want your diamond to be special and to reflect your unique life together. You expect to love it years from now, just as you do the minute you first see it.

If you’ve done any shopping at all for a diamond you know how important the 4Cs are to a diamond’s quality. The 4Cs are Color, Clarity, Carat weight and Cut. Each of the Cs plays an important role in the overall beauty of a diamond. But clarity is often the single most important trait that separates ‘ok’ diamonds from a breathtaking stone of her dreams.

The clarity aspect to selecting your diamond is critical because it is key to the stone’s bright liveliness and sparkle. The clearer a diamond is, the better light is handled going into the stone and being reflected to the eye. Imperfections (referred to as inclusions) cloud a stone, and can even make it look dull. Naturally you want your diamond to be as high in clarity as possible so you’ll be proud wearing a brilliant sparkler. But the higher the clarity, the rarer the stone – and the pricier that diamond will be.

Clarity enhanced diamonds are a superb solution which allows consumers to have a very high clarity diamond with breathtaking clarity, all while staying on budget. The diamond itself is a genuine earth mined stone. Very simply put, a clarity enhanced diamond is one that has undergone a proprietary process in the lab which fills the diamond’s inclusions—those internal flaws that affect its clarity—with a special material that has the same optical properties as the diamond itself. The result is a diamond with high clarity, and brilliance beyond anything you have ever seen, and at a price much less than you ever expected to pay.

Think about it. Buying a clarity enhanced diamond is the smart shopper’s best choice today for some very important reasons. You are buying a genuine diamond, and one whose clarity has been improved with spectacular results. The pricing on clarity enhanced diamonds are so budget-friendly you’ll wonder anyone would settle for a smaller non-enhanced diamond just to keep on budget. You’ll discover that you can buy a much larger diamond than you ever dreamed possible and keep to your budget when you opt for clarity enhanced stones.

A clarity enhanced diamond will bring you a lifetime of enjoyment and will look as beautiful years from now as it did the day you first saw it. You’ll be able to enjoy wearing and caring for your diamond just like you do with your other precious jewels.

Buying a diamond is an important investment in your love story. And it should be made wisely. With a clarity enhanced diamond, you’re able to select the stone of her dreams — buying a larger diamond than you ever thought possible. But the price will be one of the greatest surprises you’ll have. Affordable clarity enhanced diamonds are one of the smartest choices that shoppers have today when buying a diamond. Whether you’re shopping for the perfect engagement ring or any other diamond jewelry, you’ll be glad you learned about clarity enhanced diamonds—where you don’t have settle for a smaller lower clarity diamond when your heart is set on a enviable large and clear dazzler. With clarity enhanced diamonds you have so many options. Every popular diamond shape is available with a clarity enhanced stone. Even those who are dreaming of the trend-worthy colored diamonds will be happy to discover that fancy colored diamonds in shades like yellow, green, blue and even champagne are yours for the taking.

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