Stain-free and Wrinkle Free Labfresh Shirts


Life is full of small troubles. Especially if clumsiness has been your second name since childhood. You can agree that nothing spoils the mood for the whole working day more seriously than coffee or fast food sauce spilled on a fresh shirt. But even these annoying trifles can be easily avoided. You can either eat more carefully or get a shirt that is not afraid of any stains. Life will become a little calmer then.

A white shirt is an indispensable element of dress code in many companies. To many employees, it seems annoying. After all, the white color does not remain perfectly white for a long time, and it also attracts all potential threats and stains like a magnet: from coffee and wine to unpleasant traces of deodorant. As a result, new shirts have to be bought almost with the same regularity as socks. Over time, it becomes a tangible expense item. Perhaps, this senseless waste will soon come to an end. After all, a shirt that is not afraid of the harshest stains has been invented.

The most dashing shirt for office staff has been produced in Amsterdam. The novelty is called Labfresh. It does stay fresh for a long time (which justifies the name) and rarely needs washing. This happens due to its fibers being impregnated with a patented hydrophobic material.

The founder of the startup, Lotte Vink, willingly demonstrates how it works in practice. The girl boldly pours glasses of red wine, cups of coffee and even sandwiches with berry jam on a snow-white shirt. The effect is the same: instead of being absorbed, the liquid remains almost completely on the surface of the tissue. So it can easily be wiped with a napkin. Afterward, you can slightly wet the place of the misfortune with cold water, and nothing will remind of the incident in a couple of minutes.

In addition to stain resistance, hydrophobic impregnation helps to fight with traces of sweat and small folds. According to the manufacturer, Labfresh shirts do not need daily ironing. Moreover, wearing this shirt, you will not be ashamed to raise your arms even during hot summer.

The creator of the startup notes that this type of clothing already exists on the market. However, Labfresh shirts differ from the competitors: their hydrophobic composition is not the finish coating of the fabric; instead, the fibers themselves are impregnated with it. Due to this fact, the shirt looks and feels as though it were a quality shirt and does not resemble a raincoat with an inappropriate shine.

The only drawback of the new shirt is the price of about 100 euros. Still, this shirt will obviously last longer than as many as five of its “sisters” from the nearest store.