Lindsay Adds Pantyhose to Her Leggings Line


Lindsay Lohan is going to extend her successful 6126 leggings line, launched last October, into a pantyhose collection.

Lindsay Lohan

According to Lohan, a good pair of pantyhose and leggings is a must for any girl to have in her wardrobe. Pantyhose are great option for girls who don’t want to wear socks with their leggings. “They are sexy and a classic staple” – said Lindsay.

American actress’ pantyhose line features the five new styles, from classic black, nude and matte to multicolored and lycra. The celebrity‘s line will hit stores early July this year.

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  1. Thank God, someone under 40 who enjoyes and promotes Pantyhose!, All this time I thought she was a airhead, train wreck waiting to happen and suddenly she shows style and a marketing ability, Because we know in America, if a celeb does it or wears it,or endorses it millions will do it, think it or believe it.

  2. I’m 20 and I’ve always loved pantyhose. I don’t care what anyone says. I love classy shoot me.

  3. happy to see I’m not the only gal that can admit to loving my vast pantyhose collection. tell a young or ill-witted girl that they are ‘pantyhose’ and they will shriek murder. Give them the same thing but call them ‘tights’ and they will say, ‘oh cool’.

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