How to Match your Earrings with Your Face Shape


The shape of your face says a lot about you. A study that examined over 56 research papers has shown that you can tell a lot about a person’s character and behavior by simply studying the shape of their face. For example, the study revealed that people with larger width-to-height ratios in face shape exhibited more dominance than those with smaller ratios.


Knowing the shape of your face can also help you determine the best way to complement your facial features with accessories such as earrings. There are various face shapes with researchers still uncovering many more.

Your face shape is most likely the result of a combination of various face shapes down through your family tree. However, the shape of your face will favor a specific shape more than others. In this article, we discuss the most common face shapes and the type of earrings for women that complement them best.

Oval faces

This face shape features a forehead that is not too wide and blends into high cheekbones. You most likely have a rounded chin around which your face narrows.

People with the face shape look good in almost any earring style. The oval face shape gives you room to experiment with just about any earring style you come across. However, if you want to make a big impact, look for dangling earrings that are oval in shape. These earrings will draw attention to the elegant shape of your face without adding to its length or width.

Round faces

This face takes on a circular form with rounded cheeks. The width and length of the face are almost equal with most features concentrated at ear height.

Choose earrings that are long. Dangled or drop earrings will add length while reducing the puffy appearance of your face. Choose earrings with angular or long designs. Avoid circular or rounded shapes at all costs, as they will make your face look wider.

Narrow faces


The first thing you notice about this face shape is the length of the face. There is not much emphasis on the cheeks or the forehead with this face shape. It is also sometimes referred to as rectangular in shape.

Volume is required for this face shape. Pearl earrings are a good choice for minimizing the length and adding softness. Dangle earrings are also a great choice as they tend to minimize the length of these faces. However, look for dangle earrings with elongated curves to add softness and accentuate those strong cheekbones.

Heart Shaped faces


This face shape features a wide forehead and narrow cheeks. The face becomes narrower towards the chin.
The best earrings for this face shape are those with long curves or lines. Earrings with a wider bottom than top will help to balance out the shape of your face and draw attention to other facial features such as your eyes or cheekbones. Chandelier, teardrop or dangle earrings would look particularly stunning.

Diamond faces

These faces have narrower foreheads and chins with wide cheekbones. Choose earrings that will add length and minimize the sharpness of the jaw line or cheekbones. Hoops and dangles are a good choice.

Square faces

These faces are the same width at the forehead down to the cheeks and jawline. The jawline in this face shape is usually quite a strong one.

This face shape looks stunning when accessorized with earrings featuring rounded designs. The rounded shape of the earring will soften the strong lines of the jawline and the cheekbones. Long dangling earrings are best as they add length to the face. You can choose styles from amongst hoop earrings and long, dangling pieces.

If you want to go for an extra dramatic look, you can opt for oversized hoops that brush against your jaw line or even those that extend below it. These will make your face look smaller and soften its features. Avoid wearing earrings that are wide as this will add width to your face.

Consider your face shape every time you buy earrings. This will ensure that you choose earrings that flatter your best features and not exaggerate the lines of your face.