Hottest Fashion: Large Detachable Collars


Every winter, fashionistas wonder how to decorate a boring (but necessary) sweater. We have survived a necklace with large gemstones, pearls, ribbons, patches and fur décor. Fashion influencers have proposed a new trend now – huge detachable collars.

Previously, bloggers suggested putting on a shirt under the sweater with the cuffs and the collar looking out, but today it is considered boring and irrelevant. A fashionable collar can be bought separately and put on any sweater (or other clothes).

The trend is especially suitable for those who choose sweaters fitting them rather than baggy ones. The collar will look more harmonious on a medium-knit sweater. The larger the collar itself, the better. Most fashionistas, by the way, choose a semicircular shape, which is called Peter Pan.

Finding a collar on the Internet is quite possible (the most fashionable ones must be ordered from Indie Brands, such as New York Sea or Copenhagen Ganni). Of course, the catwalks demand inspiration: noticeable white collars are an important part of the latest Chanel collection.

There are also training videos on how to make such a collar yourself. However, in most of these tutorials bloggers offer to decorate the collar with artificial gemstones. Since minimalism reigns this season, it is better to focus on neat lace.