Fergie's Lego Dress at Kids' Choice Awards


Fergie’s bout of childhood reminiscences brought her an exciting dress inspired by a toy – which seems to be the best attire for appearance at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards!

Fergie in Lego Dress at Kid's Choice Awards

Since the Black Eyed Peas were proclaimed Favorite Music Group, Fergie must have given a good long thought to what she will be wearing. She has hit upon the right idea – instead of hackneyed satin or whatever those grown-ups invariably prefer, she went for colored Lego pieces for material.

So we had the pleasure of seeing the singer in a tight mini-dress all knocked up from black Lego pieces with yellow and green patterns and colored shoulder embellishments that evoke epaulettes with a becoming faintly military touch.

The finishing piece were all-Lego three-layer colored bracelets that went well with the outfit.

Playing games with a dress is not such a bad idea, after all – will Fergie start a Lego clothes line of her own?

Source of the image: Fashionablygeek.