Fashionable Underwear from Petite Fleur


German lingerie brand Petite Fleur has launched its new panties collection. The collection includes both everyday underclothes and more extravagant offers.

Petite Fleur Collection

The price of Petite Fleur lingerie varies from $20 to $50 depending on the model. These are thongs, slips and panties. Of course, the collection includes bras and tank tops. In addition, the brand is offering pajamas, night gowns, and bodice bands. Here are some of them.

The brand also makes maternal clothes and is recognized by its quality and sense of comfort.

Petite Fleur Lingerie

Petite Fleur Underwear

Petite Fleur Fashionable Underwear

You will probably be interested in this original idea of thongs with a bow. This model breaks through all standards for lingerie design. Because of its unparalleled design, you obviously won’t wear the thongs anywhere outside your home, but you can wear it with a deep “décolletéd”, backless dress.