11 Queen Elizabeth’s Style Tricks


Britain’s Queen, Elizabeth II, has always had an impeccable style. She keeps appearing in British newspapers and on television for about 50 years. Experts identified 11 characteristics of her style, which allow her to remain perfect.


  1. She prefers flat shoes. Elizabeth also wears heels that are not higher than 5 cm. Her Majesty always has a stable and firm gait.
  2. She always wears shoulder pads, even when they are clearly visible. The Queen’s designer Stewart Parvin noticed that Elizabeth has one shoulder slightly lower than the other, and the pads hide the defect.
  3. The sleeves are not shorter than three-quarters and not too wide – the dress code strictly prohibits shorter sleeves.
  4. Before the Queen goes out, her clothes are checked with the help of fans each time – how they react to wind. Therefore, she never gets into awkward situations.
  5. Her Majesty prefers dresses to skirts. It is another feature of the royal wardrobe.
  6. Elizabeth II loves tiaras that are almost indispensable part of her appearance.
  7. All clothes are made of the material that does not crumple because the monarch often sits. The material is not often breathable. However, according to the designer, the Queen almost never sweats.
  8. There is a strict selection of colors for each public appearance – from a school visit to a pop concert.
  9. Every item of the royal wardrobe is registered in a special catalog and documented: where when and under what circumstances it was worn. Each Queen’s dress has a name.
  10. Elizabeth uses only one type of nail polish – classic pink.
  11. The weight of the bag is always taken into account, especially if it has to be held for too long. What can be found in the Queen’s bag? Reading glasses, mints, a small mirror, a lipstick and a pen. Her Majesty takes cash with her on Saturdays – only five-and ten-pound bills.