Women Pay Over $40,000 Trying to Get Slimmer


The estimation of how much women stump up for diets and slimming aids trying to get their shape right comes up to £25,233 ($40,000) during the lifetime, researchers say.

Getting slimmer

Engagemutual.com arranged for a study to unearth the facts and figures behind women’s attempts to drop weight, showing this awesome result.

It appears that it’s common for an average female to go on a diet three times every year, with gyms and slimming clubs, accessories and diet branded foods taking away £180.81. Thus, it runs up a sum of £542.43 every year.

£6.06 goes towards books and magazines on fitness, £10.86 on slimming club dues. Of course no slimming without a gym, and there goes £18.90. Home exercise equipment takes away another £18.98. Also, purchasing new workout clothes will be just fine and that comes to £36.38.

The period of dieting affects supermarket bills upping them to the average of £70.56 as extra food is required, branded slimming foods in particular.

All those noble-minded attempts are rarely good for longer than 19 days, the survey reveals. At the critical period – mostly at about 3pm or 8pm, odd news spill out – ladies fall prey to temptation, most of them giving in to a bar of chocolate (58%), or to a glass of wine or crisps.

Unfortunately, an average woman hardly ever achieves the desired result, the general tendency being to make a dash for it, forgetting that dieting for lengthy periods of time is a difficult thing to do.

Slimming implies establishing a new daily routine which will include regular workouts and healthier eating habits, a spokesperson for engagemutual.com commented. “Rather than embark on expensive diets and impossible fitness regimes which are hard to maintain, it is better to introduce long term lifestyle changes which will have lasting benefit.”

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  1. It is ok to fall for temptation from time to time but what matters is commitment to your plan in order to achieve your goals. unfortunately most women would give up easily and go for a lipo

  2. Stick to the plan for 5 or 6 days a week and give yourself at least one cheat day a week. The key is to make sure you stick to the plan 5 to 6 days a week and don’t fall off the wagon. Good luck to all weight loss people.

  3. Body mass is often decided by the diet consumed. Mass loss and control can prove successful with a regularly diet and right exercise. The ideal diet is one that ensure the regularly quality of nutrients in the proportion that the body needs to maintain good health and a steady optimal weight.

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