Weight Loss Glasses and Tips


Many people dream to lose weight, but do not want to torture themselves with various diets and exercises. Meanwhile, there are many purely “psychological” methods of weight loss. For example, the scientists from the University of Tokyo led by Professor Michitaka Hirose have recently developed special glasses for those wishing to improve their figure.

Fat Dude

The Weight Loss Glasses Work Wonders

The wonder glasses visually increase or decrease the amount of food, which lies on the plate, while maintaining normal proportions of all other objects. It is assumed that the owner of such glasses will eat less food and will thus avoid overeating. And this is a direct way to the normalization of body weight. The tests confirmed the effect of using the new item.

Those who put on “magic” glasses actually ate an average of 9.3 per cent fewer sweet cookies, if the image was increased by 50 percent. At the same time, when the image was reduced by 33 percent, the participants of the experiment ate 15 percent more cookies. According to the psychologists, the problem of overeating is often hidden in our brain.

We think that we eat a normal portion, or even less than needed, and actually eat more than necessary. On the contrary, if we feel that there is too much food, we will automatically eat less.

The Mirror Trick

Another method was recommended by the Chinese experts. Look at yourself in the mirror while eating. Then, firstly, the portions on the plates will appear to be “double”, and secondly, we will not eat so greedily while seeing every move in the mirror.

Another Weight Loss Tip: Smell

Smell experts from Chicago claim that… smells can contribute to weight loss! You’ve probably noticed: once we have enough of the delicious smells coming from the kitchen, we sit down at the table and feel that the hunger is much weaker…

The scents of foods are able to “convince” the brain that we have already eaten: after inhalation, the molecules of nutrient foods also enter the body. And if the brain receives a signal of saturation, the feeling of hunger disappears. Back in 1995, there was conducted an experiment with the participation of volunteers with overweight. They were offered to inhale the scent of green apples, bananas or peppermint from a special bottle each time before having a meal or when there was a desire to eat. For this purpose, they simply had to open the lid of the vial. With time, all the volunteers lost a few kilos.

It was found that after inhalation of the fragrance from the bottle their appetite was reduced sharply and they either did not touch their food, or ate much less than usual. Several years ago, there was a new series of experiments with obese people. The volunteers received dishes, sprinkled with crystals of flavors with the smell of cheddar cheese, raspberry, mint, and cocoa. The results were impressive: 92 volunteers lost an average of 15 pounds during six months!

Slimming Cafes

By the way, we already have “slimming” cafes, where everyone can “get enough” of inhaling the smells of cooked food for a certain fee. It should also be remembered that the appetite can be removed by the sharp smell of perfume. So, if you want to lose weight, inhale the fragrance of your perfume or eau de toilette from a bottle before each meal or leave the bottle open in the dining-room. It will certainly make you eat less.