Unhealthiest Diet


Unhealthiest DietThe scientists at British Heart Foundation decided to find out which diet plan is the unhealthiest one. Previous studies were focused on healthy diets, indicating the Mediterranean diet as the most beneficial one, but scientists took little or no interest in the most unhealthy diet plans. With this in mind, they studied eating patterns of more than 52 000 people from 62 countries.

The Mediterranean, Western and Oriental diet plans proved to be the most popular. Asian diet includes lots of seafood and rice. Mediterranean diet is rich in seafood, olive oil, fresh vegetables and fruits. The typical Western diet, on the contrary, contains much red meat and animal fats, eggs, bread, and pickles.

According to the scientists, Western diet is the most heart-unhealthy. Nevertheless, the scientists claim it is possible to follow western-style diet without serious health risks by reducing salt and animal fats intake.


  1. The mediterranean is a great diet plan as it is low in saturated fat and high in monosaturated fat. Moreover it is also such a great diet plan as it is very high in antioxidants and dietry fibre. The only thing to be careful with on this diet is to watch calories in olive oil as it is very high in calories. The fundamentals of this diet promote a very healthy lifestyle.

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