Tricks to Eat Less


Nutritionists must surely have an incredibly strong willpower to be able to turn down all those goodies and tidbits – how they do it? What do they use to fight down the urge to indulge? Well, here are some of their tricks which help the mind win over the stomach. Try these tips to see if they help you rethink your eating habits!


Feel in control

Stop at the moment where you can eat some more and listen to your body. It doesn’t want you to say “I’m fed up,” it’s quite happy if you cease eating now.

Take it slow

As you’ve taken a mouthful, lay down your fork and concentrate on the taste of what you’re eating. More often than not we devour our favorite dishes without relishing its taste. You may discover that once you started to go slow, you enjoy your food more.

Use the hunger scale for rating

The right time to sit down for a meal is from four to six; at a lower level, you’ve let yourself go too hungry, higher up you’ve overeaten.

Keep focused on the purpose

You will be able to avoid fatty food more easily if you keep reminding yourself that you want to stay healthy tomorrow.

Keep your portions down

If you are afraid to throw caution to the wind and dig in, take small-sized plates and forks. You may not even notice that you have polished off your large plate, but it’s easier not to get yourself another helping.

Maintain proper hydration

There are quite a lot of people who believe they are hungry when actually they are thirsty. If you feel that you may not be drinking enough, try to drink first and see whether hunger’s still troubling you.

Control by breathing

Take a few cleansing breaths before and after the meal. As you stop to breathe before you eat, fix an intention; afterwards, concentrate on the stomach and let it tell you it is full and you don’t need to eat more.

Control by waiting

You feel hungry? Stay away from tempting food, take a drink and wait for about ten minutes – the time needed for the satiety hormones to kick in. The hunger abates.

Reduce snack foods by portioning them

Having bought a big bag of popcorn, you can sit down before the TV set and empty it at one sitting. To avoid that, as soon as you brought it home, portion it out into smaller bags and stack them in the pantry. So, you will last it out and prevent overeating.

Keep away from food

Don’t let food tempt you, steer clear of it.

Begin considering your next meal from healthy foods

Start composing your diet from veggies and fruits, and you won’t be piling up calories.