Sweet-Tooth Cigarettes with Chocolate Smoke?


Eating chocolate is not all pure pleasure – it makes you put on weight and you can develop a habit. Some of us should definitely control ourselves. Or avail ourselves of the latest development in the sweet-tooth technology. Credit for that is due to David Edwards, a professor at Harvard University, the inventor who cares.

Choco Pipe

His breakthrough idea was to dispose with the customary eating habits and inhale the stuff. At the first glance it may look like an almost absurdly simple solution, but until recently it has been impossible to produce food particles of sufficient smallness to exclude choking hazard. Edwards’ team found a way round this problem and managed to turn out the right-sized particles of 80 to 300 microns. That enabled them to arrange for these tiny particles to be safely taken in through an inhaler.

While this may be regarded as a quaint gastronomic aberration, the greatest thing about Le Whif (as the product is called) is that the amount of calories is radically down, the sensations supposedly being there. It appears to be ideal for diets. “Each whiff here fills your mouth but has less than a calorie and is yet almost all pure chocolate,” Edwards assures. “It tastes good.”

Meaning that chocolate lovers can use this cigarette-like chocolate inhaler whenever they want and puff away blissfully without having to fear for any possible detriment to their health. Except that the technology involved makes Le Whif quite an expensive treat. For the time being a pack of Le Whifs with 24 inhalers puts you in the red for about $52 and you can get it by online order only.

The Le Whif launch party is scheduled for April 29 in Paris. There will be four flavors: mint chocolate, milk chocolate, raspberry chocolate and mango chocolate.

Student Inhales Chocolate

Edwards points out that he never intended to rival ordinary chocolate; his cigarettes are supposed to bring one more sparkling touch into everyday life – like having a Le Whif with your morning coffee or offering them to people at parties. Well, it sounds worth a try.

Source of the images: wired.com, boston.com.