New Wonder Weight Loss Pill


Weight Loss PillIsn’t it great just to swallow a pill and get slim! Dutch pharmacists came up with new remedy against excessive weight. Scientists claim their weight loss pill (tesofensine) is twice as effective as current slimming pills. The remedy helps control your appetite and, as a result, allows you to lose two sizes in six months.

Surprising Weight Loss Drug

A new drug’s effect is based on the suppression of nervous system mediators responsible for appetite – serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline. As a result, hunger pangs are subdued and we need smaller portions to feel full. Originally, the drug was developed to treat Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. But scientists noticed its ability to cause weight loss.

The Weight Loss Study

The study led by Professor Arne Astrup involved 203 obese adults with the average weight of 220 pounds. All participants were asked to diet and to take one pill per day for six months. Approximately equal number of participants received either tesofensine in one of three different doses or placebo pill.

The Effect of Tesofensine

Six months later, participants who took placebo pills lost 5 pounds on average. Those who took tesofensine in the dose of 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg and 1 mg lost 15, 25 and 28 pounds respectively. Last two figures show that tesofensine is twice as effective as current weight loss drugs, such as sibutramine and rimonabant.

Third phase of clinical trials is on the way. If final trials are successful, tesofensine might hit the stores in a few years.


  1. Weight worries practically everyone, both men and women. But i guess taking pills won’t be a solution to becoming slim. If we do not go to fitness clubs and have a healthy diet, everything will be in vain.

  2. So far tesofensine appears to be behind in its development compared to 3 others currently in the news… qnexa, lorcaserin and contrave. This does not necessarily make it less effective, its just that these others will probably make it to market first (if any of them actually do). What I think Tesofensine has going for it is that some study showed that it has a low chance of abuse. Lorcaserin also had similar results in studies, but I don’t see the same for Qnexa or Contrave. I wonder if this will have an effect with the FDA. AND… to fight the other side of the story… people that say prescription diet pills should not be used… If people have struggled with their weight all of your life, they would better understand someones position in this. I have a Masters in Physics. I have to work at it, but it comes naturally for me. Losing weight does not… I do watch what I eat, and I do get exercise, but I find it exceedingly difficult to keep the weight off. (facetious) I don’t know why people simply cannot grasp the physics laws? Perhaps if they where not so lazy, they could get a masters in physics too…

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