Loose Skin after Weight Loss


They have reached amazing results in the fight against obesity, but they still feel fat. In the new documentary, the people who had lost dozens of pounds speak about their life with excess skin.


My Baggy Body film tells about the British who had previously suffered from obesity and managed to lose weight, mainly through gastric bypass shunt. This procedure is the most radical and effective way to fight obesity. It is resorted to in cases where no other methods help. Suturing of the stomach leads to rapid and impressive weight loss.

However, having lost extra weight, these people did not lose the excess skin that remained hanging on their body in nightmarish folds. The documentary shows three people faced with the problem of excess skin – Sarah, Greg and Pauline. However, the 30-year-old chef Greg is an exception to the rules. In fact the man did not go through gastric shunting – in his case weight loss was the result of an impressive work (Otherwise, he would not have learned anything, as the man himself explains). He lost 75 kg, and now he says that skin folds are the only thing he can think of. These folds are the reason why his girlfriend broke up with him – and she had not minded his excess weight before.


The 25-year-old Sarah lost 56 kg. Sarah and Gregg have applied for operations to remove excess skin, but the UK public hospitals meet only every 10th request of the kind. The young people can only hope for good luck, or save money for the procedure that will return them to the joy of a fulfilling life.