Hormonal Diet Ineffective


The so-called hormone diet that is gaining much popularity is not based on any serious scientific research. The experts stress that the effect achieved during this diet does not last too long.


The number of diets has really grown. Now, there has appeared a diet called “hormone replacement diet” that promises quick weight loss for women. Its author is a gynecologist from California. She argues that women can lose 6 kilos in 21 days, if they follow the strict guidelines developed for the recovery of specific hormonal imbalance.

For example, if the body lacks estrogen, then the woman should give up meat and alcohol. If you want to restore the level of hunger hormone leptin, we should get rid of fruit. Cereal products are excluded from the diet in case of problems with the thyroid hormone, and milk is needed to influence the growth hormone levels.

During the diet, one should change the product groups every three days to restore certain hormones. Nutritionist and professor at Boston University Joan Salge Blake claims that there is no scientific basis to support this hormone diet. There is no evidence that exclusion of certain foods from the diet helps to restore hormonal levels.

There is no evidence of the fact that the restoration of hormone levels contributes to weight loss. But the exclusion of entire groups of nutrients from the diet can lead to serious health problems, which can be much graver than such a trifle as a couple of extra kilos. In addition, Professor Blake argues that the success of this diet will not last long – all the lost weight will get back into its place.