Flirt Helps Women Lose Weight


Biologists at the National University of Columbia estimated that women spend on flirt twice as much energy as men.


The findings come from a study of men and women aged between 18 to 50 years from 16 different countries. Researchers measured how much energy women spend while preparing for flirt including hair styling, dressing, makeup and other female tricks. Note that “flirt” meant both dating and on-line socializing using web-cams.

The results showed women preparing for flirt spent 100 kilocalories per minute on grooming compared to 60 spent by men. At the first date, a woman spends 10 kilocalories per minute compared to juts 2 kilocalories used by men.

Men, however, need more energy to take a charming girl to date. They spend about 90 kilocalories on it while women need just 30.

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