“Fat Controller” Enzyme Maybe Key to Preventing Obesity


“Fat Controller” in the intestines could be the key to preventing obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disorders, scientists claim. They identified an enzyme responsible for whether the fat we eat is converted into energy or stored as extra pounds, Daily Mail reports.

Scientific Obesity Research

The breakthrough could provide a potential for a pill which affects ‘the fat-controller’, allowing people to eat what they want without worrying about weight gain.

Scientists from the University of California pinpointed the enzyme called MGAT2 in the gut of mice and humans. Without the enzyme, lab mice ate a high-fat diet while remaining healthy and without packing on pounds. Instead of storing in their bodies, the fat mice consumed was burned off as energy. Besides, mice also processed sugar better, lowering their risk of diabetes. Their bad cholesterol levels were low, suggesting they had lower risk of heart conditions.

So a pill that could affect the enzyme in a certain way could be a new weapon to fight obesity plague.

Scientists say they identified MGAT2 as a key determinant of energy metabolism. They are sure that the inhibition of this enzyme may become an effective strategy for treating obesity and other metabolic disorders related to excessive fat intake.

Source of the image: flickr.com/photos/hermida.