Extreme Pre-Wedding Weight Loss Is Getting Popular


A new quick method of losing weight has surfaced and is gaining popularity fast – especially among those desiring to get results in a limited period of time, women whose wedding day is approaching.

Slim woman

Brides striving to look more ravishing in their wedding dresses resort to somewhat drastic but effective measure of getting fed through their noses (yes, you read right!)

The method known as the K-E diet promises the loss of up to 20 lbs within 10 days, and no calorie counting necessary. But you will have to walk about with a tube stuck into your nose. The feeding tube runs all the way down to your stomach and keeps drip feeding you during all this time. No, you can’t take it out, the process is unremitting.

The diet that hit Spain and Italy and is spreading farther out provides a slow drip feeding on a mixture of protein, fat and water (without carbohydrates) that brings in 800 calories per day. Feeding in this manner sets off a process called ketosis in which body fat gets burned away quickly causing spectacular weight loss.

Dr. Oliver Di Pietro, a Florida-based dietitian who arranges this kind of treatment for $1,500 in Bay Harbor Islands, assured ABC news that no hospitalization is required, but the patient will have to bear with the feeding tube for 10 days and always have the food solution on them. What he describes as the most “amazing” thing about the diet is that after a few hours the patient loses hunger and appetite and will know no hunger throughout the treatment.

The diet is not recommended for people with kidney problems, added Dr. Pietro, and those who undergo the treatment can suffer from constipation and smelly breath.

However outlandish it may sound, there are women who jump at it – like Jessica Schnaider, 41, from Surfside, Florida, eager to get the right shape for her June wedding dress, but neither managed to squeeze time for workout nor could brace herself to bear two weeks without eating.

She said she was losing weight so quickly that had to explain her appearance to her friends assuring them she was not sicking.

A warning came from Beverly Hills psychoanalyst Bethany Marshall who said that the quick change could bring on mental disturbance when a person’s mind hadn’t adapted properly to the new feel of a slimmer body.