Blood Type Diet Groundless


Blood group diet is a popular kind of ‘weight-lose business’. But the scientists from Belgium have shown that it has no scientific ground.

Women become obese after 40

They analyzed 1,415 scientific articles, of which there was only one authoritative scientific work, related to the problem indirectly. It told about the low-fat diet and its impact on cholesterol levels in people with different blood types. The author of the study, Dr. Philippe Vandekerckhove notes that, despite the fact that a diet based on blood type is not scientifically proven, it continues to enjoy great popularity.

It should be noted that human blood group depends on the proteins, which are found on the surface of red blood cells and antibodies. The hypothesis about blood being able to affect a person’s life and character is most common in Asia, where even horoscopes of people’s compatibility are developed on this basis.

Regarding diets, the following thought can be voiced: blood type indicates what human ancestors were busy with. They might have been farmers or hunters, and their predominant activity has an impact on the nutrient intake and may cause intolerance to certain foods. Despite the fact that the approach is untenable, the book “Eat Right 4 Your Type” by Peter D’Adamo continues to be a bestseller. Seven million of its copies have been sold. Dr. Vandekerckhove strongly recommends rejecting the idea of losing weight on the basis of blood type and focusing on the consumption of healthy foods.