7 Foods That Help Lose Weight


Certain food products work as a fat burner or a reliable assistant in the attempt to lose weight and make the figure look fit. The research does not promise any miracle, but a comfortable and delicious loss of weight is possible.

Fat burning food

Black beans for weight loss

Black beans are rich in protein and fiber, the most nourishing nutrients, and contain no fat. However, it is an already known fact which can be applied to any kind of beans. But the dark color indicates a very high content of flavonoids which, according to the studies, contribute to the destruction of fat in the abdominal area.

Pear against a fat belly

A pear, even the juiciest and the sweetest one, is so low in calories and rich in fiber that one can eat it every day before breakfast, lunch and dinner and still lose weight. Moreover, it is rich in catechins and flavonols. These are antioxidants, and they also contribute to the destruction of the “animal” fat (which is deposited in the abdominal area).

Popcorn also helps to lose weight!

Popcorn (only unsweetened and unsalted!) also helps get rid of the belly, however strange it might seem. Because it is a whole grain such as whole wheat, buckwheat, millet or wild rice. It will be very useful for the figure, and for health in general, if these and any other whole grain foods remove white rice, white flour, semolina and other refined products from kitchen shelves.

Cold potatoes are ideal for losing weight

Cold potatoes in a potato salad (of course, if it does not contain fat sour cream or mayonnaise) have a much lower glycemic index than … hot potatoes! The cooling of the easily digestible starch leads to the transformation of its fibers into the so-called stable starch which is not so easily digested. Cooled starch fibers become insoluble and coarse, as in vegetables and fruits, and are very useful for those who take care of their figure. In a combination with the salad dressing based on vinegar, cold boiled potatoes stimulate the production of hormones that suppress appetite.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds also help create and preserve the figure despite the fact that they are half-composed of fat. The fat they contain is helpful and polyunsaturated. Paradoxically, it prevents obesity and the accumulation of extra pounds. But the main and indispensable condition is that nuts and seeds should replace cookies and candies, rich in unhealthy saturated fats.

Tea will help lose weight

Tea is a well-known slimming product whose effectiveness has been proved by a huge amount of scientific research. The most impressive data are that fat cells absorb 70% less fat under the influence of white tea. In addition, tea destroys fat which already exists in the fat cells. Thus, one or two cups of tea at least 5 times a day will be a very tasty way to lose weight. Green and white teas are the “most slimming”.

Apple vinegar burns fat

Apple vinegar has been popular as a quite radical way to lose weight. But there is no need to be fanatically obsessed with vinegar that might be dangerous for the stomach. It is quite enough to use apple vinegar as a base for dressings and sauces. Acetic acid virtually stimulates fat burning and prevents the accumulation of fat depots.

Of course, it is difficult to achieve the desired result by merely changing the diet. Changes in nutrition will work much more effectively if accompanied by a new lifestyle in general: more attention to yourself, more motion, and more fun!

Source of the image: Photl.