Women Change Hairstyle 150 Times in a Lifetime


Women change, on average, 150 hairstyles during the most active part of their life, as scientists have found out. In the period from 15 to 65, ladies visit hairdressers 250 times.

Top 10 reasons why women change hairstyles

For many women, there is nothing more enjoyable and exciting than going to a good stylist who will offer to try a new hairstyle or color. British sociologists interviewed 2,000 women and found out that a typical woman between 15 and 65 tries a different haircut twice a year and at least one new hair color each year.

Most often, women go for new hairstyles because the old ones bore them. Often a visit to a beauty salon is the response to a breakup, or ladies want to copy a celebrity’s haircut or hair color, which they liked. In Britain, a record for hairstyle changes belongs to Victoria Beckham.

Women from 15 to 65 try about 100 different hair shades, radically changing their hair color once per year (50 times in a lifetime). Every 20th woman surveyed admitted trying something new at any visit to a beauty salon, not only haircut, and 47% are trying to experiment in small things.

15% want a new haircut because of the wedding, and another 13% go for a new hairstyle after birth. Changing hair length often occurs with the change of seasons. Other popular reasons to change women’s hairstyles are as follows: anniversary, high school graduation, the popularity of a hairstyle in fashion magazines.